Friday, September 10, 2010


oh my goodness, it's friday already!!! you know what that means? gratitude time!

here are the amazing things i'm thankful for this week:

thank you! thank you! thank you! to everyone who left some book recommendations! looks like i'm going to have to go to the bookstore this weekend and check some out in person.
yoga! and! i'm trying very hard to manage my stress and health these last few days before the big event/trip. i just don't want to get to thailand and get sick {which i often do right after a stressful period}. so everyday i've been doing yoga religiously. i've talked about myyogaonline once before, but let me tell you, i've never been so grateful for it! it has helped so much in releasing built up energy and i'm sleeping much more soundly. i actually think i'm becoming quite addicted!
the amazing documentaries on netflix instant view! as i've been slaving away over wedding stuff, i've been increasing my knowledge about all sorts of topics! i just learned a lot about buddha and buddhist philosophy watching "the buddha," and was enraged by the treatment of dolphins in japan {and grew my respect for hayden panettiere} watching "the cove." awesome ways to pass the knitting time!
God, The Universe, The Higher Power, Karma, Fate, whatever you want to call that force which is pure Goodness and Love for rescuing my dear chloe cat. i haven't been able to talk about this yet because i was so freaked out by it, but sunday night i woke up in the wee hours of the morning to hear my baby crying from outside {she's never been outside before and is totally freaked out by everything}. she had squeezed out our screen door, jumped into the neighbor's yard and couldn't get back to our house. dannon and i were roaming around at 4am trying to find her and catch her, while she was crying the whole time. thankfully all of the neighborhood animals and people and garbage trucks were no where to be seen or heard so she eventually came out of her hiding and we caught her. if there had been anyone/thing out at that time she would have run even farther away and who knows if we would have found her. i was a wreck all week trying not to think about "what could have been" and have been shouting my amen's that she's safe and sound back home.

{chloe cat hates to be held for pictures, can you tell? but i don't care. i'm just way too happy she's home!}