Saturday, September 11, 2010

Clear Night Sky

Clear Night Sky

 Black velvet stretches out endlessly above me,
draped across the tops of the pointed green pines.
 Silver sequin stars sewn to the surface
wink as if they know a secret,
but I can see the signs.

The inky velvet drape muffles the sounds 
of murmuring tree frogs and whirring night birds.
While a cool breeze whispers:
hushing all doubts, calming all fears,
and speaking of the wonder
without any words.

So small, so unimportant, we are,
and yet, all part of the grand scheme.
The roles we play, we may never know,
but they're much more significant
than what they first seem.

We, like the stars, 
are tiny sequins
in a world that is amazing and immense,
but if we let our lights shine
and keep our feet on the path,
some day, some day, 
it will all make sense.