Monday, September 27, 2010

Because if it were real...

Than that would imply reality is real, which it most certainly is not. As a general rule. Therefore, reality is fake, but alternate reality is real, and articifical reality is the most real of all, because it is composed of pure pixel and matter, with no thoughts, feelings, and only the most absolute of logic.

Then again, why do we care if we exist? The only use we'd make of the information is to continue existing, except significantly more depressed about the whole effort. Existence is relative to the diseased mind, to which we are all the proud owners, therefore, we chare the same mind, or else, we're all projections of someone else, or they are projections of you, or you all are the projections of mine, but maybe, you all react as you should be, amid the reality set for you, you all act as if you were real, and put on quite a good show, but in the end, you have no minds but what I put in your mouths and your eyes and maybe even your brains. Maybe I'm the master of the universe.

Or maybe I'm a projection of some other dude, one I've never met and will never hear of and will never speak to. As I type this, this person is doing all the thinking. I'm not really typing it, it will just appear on the internet for this fellow to happen upon, thereby changing his own life, questioning his existence until he writes a contemplative book that never gets published, composes letters to Ray Bradbury and the remaining Beats that will never be put to paper. Life will collapse for this poor guy, and therefore, society will collapse. The water wars will escalate until we all die of thirst and neglect and war, all because this man is too damned depressed to take a piss.

So goodbye, my noble host. Try to cheer up, for the sake of your Sims game. The new one doesn't come out in awhile, and it can be quite tiresome to create a new one. Especially when you don't know it.