Monday, September 20, 2010

and we're off!

as you read this today, we will be on a plane to thailand! or maybe we're already there since it's tomorrow over there. . . . ?. . . international date lines are confusing!

well wherever i am and whatever day it is there, i won't be back in person until the first week of october. and you can be sure i'll be back with a suitcase full of fun stories and pictures from the wedding and honeymoon.

i hope you keep checking in over the next two weeks though because i have some of my absolute favorite bloggers doing guest posts on the topic of LOVE! after all, that is the reason for my absence.

i also made a few posts {which i have scheduled to auto post} about some really special things i love and want to share with all of you, thereby making your days a little lovelier!

so i hope you enjoy the fun things planned for you here in my absence, and i sincerely hope the next couple weeks are amazing for all of you!! i'll miss you here in blogland and i can't wait to catch up when i get back!

love from me to you! xoxo