Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Slater's Lists

Slater's List #1

William Shakespeare - All's Well That Ends Well
Samuel Richardson - Pamela or Virtue Rewarded
Jane Austen - Pride and Prejudice
Mary Shelley - Frankenstein
Bram Stoker - Dracula
Oscar Wilde - The Importance of Being Earnest
Oscar Wilde - The Picture of Dorian Gray
Lewis Carroll - Alice in Wonderland
Francis Scott Fitzgerald - The Great Gatsby
Virginia Woolf - Orlando
William Faulkner - The Sound and the Fury
Carson McCullers - Reflections in a Golden Eye
Tennessee Williams - A Streetcar Named Desire
Tennessee Williams - Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Jean Genet - Notre Dame des Fleurs
Vladimir Nabokov - Lolita
Thomas Pynchon - The Cryng of Lot 49
John Barth - The Floating Opera
Marguerite Duras - L'Amant
Bret Easton Ellis - Glamorama

Slater's List #2

The Blue Angel
Blonde Venus
Queen Christina
Imitation of Life
Some Like It Hot
Midnight Cowboy
Easy Rider
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Desperately Seeking Susan
Mrs. Doubtfire
The Crying Game
Muriel's Wedding
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert