Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • vinoddas
    09-06 03:04 AM
    I am planning to get religiously married by end of next year, 2009. But I am considering doing a quick court marriage in the next week since my dates are current. I have a couple questions regarding time frame:
    1. If I do get my GC soon, then I need to apply for following-to-join. Is there a time limit for this? Can I do it as late as I want, as long as the spouse doesnt come to US before?
    2. If I do not get GC for a while, is there a time frame after marriage before which I have to apply for my spouse's 485 as a dependent? Does she also need to be on H4 and in US before applying for 485?

    Thanks a lot for all the help. I am relatively clueless about this marriage related GC business.

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  • maverick_joe
    06-18 03:06 PM
    Please ignore the msg..(how do I delete this thread?)this came from the attorney to provide USCIS with clear legible documents..

    are colored photocopies of i-94/passport bio pages, DL required for paper filing the EAD/AP extensions? My employer asks for colored copies!

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  • fasterthanlight�
    05-02 12:56 AM
    Chris and Meg have yet to be made into stamps. However, here are these:

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  • ineedhelp1986
    03-28 01:24 PM
    Hi All,

    I applied I765 in Jan 2011...but its in initial review state now(Nebraska).
    Because of some urgent reason i have to leave US in April ...& no such fiexed plan to come back in US near future.

    So m planning to withdraw i765 application...So anybody knows answer to my questions,

    1.what is the procedure to withdraw?
    2.Whats a address for Mail OR Email OR Phone Number?
    3.What information do i need to submit?
    4.How much time it will take to withdraw?

    Thanks :)


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  • Blog Feeds
    06-03 02:20 AM
    What is a CAT? Not an animal, not a medical procedure, but a "Change of Attitude Transformation". The old INS may have morphed into the USCIS, the CBP and ICE, but the attitudes toward immigrants have not changed much since I worked there 30 years ago. As General Attorneys (Nationality) in the 1970s, our mantra was "when in doubt, send it out!" meaning that rather than recommend that a naturalization petition be granted, if we had the slightest degree of doubt, the safest course was to send the applicant's file to the investigations branch. Not to do so would risk...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/carlshusterman/2009/06/immigration-officers-in-need-of-a-cat.html)

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  • Templarian
    01-22 10:29 AM
    At work I either use tabs or separate forms. I'm sure panels wouldn't be drastically different.

    (although i've only developed small inventory apps for scanners nothing excessively complex for these newer 6.5 devices)


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  • Star
    06-21 05:13 PM
    Dear Attorney,

    I am a July 2007 I-485 filer. Have an EAD but primarily working on H1B full-time as a Systems Analyst. I am a Certified Fitness Trainer but not sure if I can use my EAD to work as a Fitness Trainer in a local Gym (part-time).

    Any advise will be much appreciated.



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  • stxvr
    08-15 02:05 AM

    I heard that if the filing of the 140 /labor /485 (any of them) have the filing date < 1 year at the end of the 6 year of h1b then I can not extend my H1B for the 7th year.
    Questin: Is this correct?

    Filled labor in june 2007.
    Filled 140 /485 in aug 2007
    6th year H1B completed in feb 2008.

    Question: Am I eligible for the 7th year h1b extension?
    If yes then for how many years of extenstion I get?
    If not then please suggest what to do.

    Note : I have not changed my employer since last 3 years.



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  • finksmart
    08-05 01:17 AM

    I'm available for all aspects of Flash development from Flash video to ActionScript. One of the projects I'm currently working on is a virtual tour, fully updatable and dynamic.

    I also understand and have developed AfterEffects peices for web publishing purposes. So if you need Flash animation, I can do that too. My lastest work was a FLV and Flash intro peice for Enyce.

    Portfolio: http://www.finksmart.net

    Thanks for your time.

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  • number30
    11-18 07:37 PM

    I am currently on H1B and I am marrying a US citizen in January. Please guide me which documents I need to file for GC.


    Once you get married and get your License your spouse can file for I-130, I485 concurrently. You can file for EAD and Advance parole also along with this you need affidavit of support I-824


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  • Dr. Barry Post
    03-31 10:52 PM

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  • admin
    04-07 10:24 AM
    This breaking news is about some really critical accomplishment by IV. We're preparing the content and should be out in another 15-20 minutes.

    We're not sure which way the political proceedings will take us, but with this news you will rest assured that when we work together we can achieve a lot.


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  • svr_76
    11-27 09:52 AM
    "The requirements was to build a system with good ROI;
    I hope ROI means Return OF Investments. !??? "

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  • vsoni
    03-16 11:46 AM
    Please share your experience of H1b visa stamping in Halifax or Quebec (Canada).
    I am planning drive to Halifax or Quebec end of this month.
    I am intended to use �AUTO VISA Revalidation� rule.
    I am from India and I don�t have any U.S. degree.
    Any suggestions.


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  • gcspace
    10-04 03:11 PM
    My application reached 13 July at NSC nothing got back. Anyone in this boat?

    There is a forum group "July3rd to July15th" , please add your name to the list and keep track of it. Yes, there are many people from July3rd to July16th who have not yet received anything.

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  • JulyFiler
    09-10 01:28 PM
    You mean October bulletin?


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  • apb
    08-30 06:41 PM
    If there is a anti immigration material in any website, instead of pointing a link to it, it is better to copy paste the content here. This way we can avoid HITs to the website. The reverse could be done for pro-immigrant news/articles etc where the link will help us to post comments on the news website directly.
    Of course there are some sites where registration is required and you can copy the content in that case for the benefit of others.

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  • Student with no hopes
    10-20 11:18 AM
    The dream of multiple-biometric IDs may become a reality in India (http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/352077/Multiple_Biometric_IDs_Dream_or_Reality_)

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  • kumar11
    02-23 08:57 PM
    Hi ,

    I was in confusing situation,hope you can clarify and help me out.

    My wife came to US as H4 in Feb 08.Her i-94 is valid till march 2010.
    She applied H1 got H1 approved from Oct08 for 3 years.Since from Oct08 , employer couldnot find project for her.Her employer is asking to move from H1 to H4 back using Cos(i-539).After getting project can move back from H4 to H1 which doesnot come under quota.

    My questions are:
    1.Is it safe to move from H1 to H4 and back to H1 when she gets project.

    2.Her previous H4 i-94 is valid till March 2010.She didnot went to india again.
    If she converts from H1 to H4 now,till when she will get i-94(till my H1 valid or original i-94 date).
    If she gets i-94 till original i-94 i.e March 2010,does she needs to go to stamping after March 2010 again or continue to be in US even after March or just go for border and get new i-94.

    Can you please clarify.

    Any suggesstions is really apprecaited.


    01-01 07:14 PM
    Hi ,
    I have been residing in the U.S. (NY) since 0ct 2007 with an H4 visa. My dad had and still has an H1B visa. I have completed my high school here in the States only and now I am enrolled as a full time student in a college (in-state tuition). Now the problem is I will turn 21 this February and I believe I will no longer be a dependent on my father's H1 visa and would be residing "illegally". In that case what should I do? I want to complete my studies and stay here in the U.S. with my family and not be deported back to my home country all alone :(
    Is changing to F1 a good option for me ? I heard it could be risky? Is there any way I could have my studies going smoothly as it is now considering the out state tution under F1 would be too much...
    any suggestions and help would be greatly apppreciated
    Timely response would be much appreciated

    07-24 04:59 PM
    Need quick help!

    Per old instructions everyone was sending to Nebraska, and new instructions published are for 'direct filing'.

    Do I follow direct filing rule or Nebraska only rule?

    I am finally ready with medicals and photos and will be sending packet tomorrow.

    Thanks for help..