Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • dcrtrv27
    08-21 01:17 PM
    Oh yes there are many like you check this thread.
    Good Luck

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  • bond65
    07-27 04:03 PM
    bump... bump....bump

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  • sareesh
    10-19 10:47 AM
    October processing dates are out.
    I don't know how to create a new thread.


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  • I_need_GC
    06-19 12:05 PM

    My PERM was approved in 3 days filed on June 15, 07 approved on June 18. .

    I was lucky to be able to apply I-140, I-485 together during the July madness.

    Last Month I received an RFE on the I-140 for degrees and reference letters after sending I-140 approved in 2 weeks. Now I have received an RFE on my I-485

    They have asked for work authorization for the volunteering and internship I did while on F1. My atty by mistake put these on the G325A form. The internship was a cpt recorded on the I-20 so no worries there. Volunteering was where the problem is. It was working at a physicians office (my dad's office) helping in computer stuff.

    What do the Gurus recommend I do. I am worried that at this stage What can we do.


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  • hkhr
    06-19 02:00 PM
    i am in similar situation, anyone?

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  • STAmisha
    08-13 08:58 PM
    Can people convert LC pending in BEC to PERM? If So, how safe it is and how much time it takes totally.


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  • Blog Feeds
    03-21 09:30 AM
    Readers have been sending me the best links. Here's one from the latest issue of Newsweek: As the white house revives immigration reform�an issue the president is discussing with congressional leaders�it may want to ponder the effects of curbing foreign labor. While immigrants are blamed for dragging down American wages and stealing jobs, University of California, Davis, economist Giovanni Peri comes to a different conclusion. In a National Bureau of Economic Research working paper, Peri trowels through nearly five decades of immigration data and finds that foreign workers have boosted the economy, jacking up average income without crowding out American...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/03/the-immigrant-dividend.html)

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  • steppenwolf
    09-27 08:15 PM
    I received my receipts today for 140, 485, EAD and AP from NSC.
    Application was sent out on 8/8/07.
    Received on 8/9/07.
    Notice date on 9/20/07
    Checks cashed on 9/21/07
    Receipts received on 9/27/07.

    Good luck to everyone with the receipts!


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  • wandmaker
    11-27 08:14 AM
    Saikrishna --> 1-800-375-5283

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  • udayak
    07-20 05:11 PM
    I am also looking for the same information.

    Please let me know, how can a person hold
    multiple H1's



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  • muhamm5
    02-05 10:43 PM
    I am on H-1 B , and planning to apply for Labor certification - working for an Automobile manufacturing Company in Engineering department,my qualifications are Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering-SOC CODE (17-2141), Masters in Industrial Engineering SOC CODE(17-2112).
    my current job responsibilities matches with Industrial designer, Just want to ask in order to apply Labor can i use Commercial & Industrial designer SOC CODE(27-1021), also base cause for using this code is meeting Salary requirements, other two codes giving high salaries compare to this code which is matching my salary code, . help will be appreciated

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  • ita
    01-14 09:56 PM
    Just voted...Thank you.


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  • eb3retro
    05-19 12:09 PM
    can we join this to make it as EB3 I&C together. Can we approach the attorney.I am sure lots of eb3 folks would love to pitch in..any thoughts???

    Class LawAction Suit filled on USCIS for EB3China.

    whatever is the outcome of this i really applaud the brave move made by whoever is behind this.

    more details : drop.io ChinaEB3Litigation (http://drop.io/ChinaEB3Litigation)


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  • gconmymind
    08-23 01:18 PM
    Should I be a little hopeful that my case is being pre-adjudicated?


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  • gmail
    07-21 05:35 AM

    In the process of renewing EAD, I realized that I got 2 EAD cards. One is through my own i-485. The second one was piggy-back from my spouse's i-485. To renew it, should I renew both?

    The reason of two i-485 is a long story. Mine is EB-2, thus shorter retrogression. But back then, my job was shaky. At a matter of fact, I left the company before 180 days after i-485. I got I-140 later from the employer though.

    So i applied another i-485 with my spouse's EB-3 i-485, thus another EAD.

    I don't want to abandon my I-485 or my spouse's I-485. Should I apply to renew both EADs?

    Best regards,

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  • kittu1991
    03-17 07:02 PM
    Is it the number of labour or number of 485? What is source of this info?


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  • lascha
    04-19 06:11 PM
    I am in a similar position and also have my green card in process. havent yet given my step 3...dont know what to do?

    I am hoping I can cancel my green card appli and start my resi on j1 visa

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  • kevinkris
    07-09 09:08 PM

    My employer filed for I-140 and I-485 last year July. My I-140 got approved with a labor converted from RIR.

    I want to know the priority date in the approved I-140. But the employer is not giving me copy of I-140. I called USCIS and they say they cannot give the information to be.

    How do i get my priority date now?

    I have I-140 and I-485 receipt numbers.

    Can you find it thru I-485 receipt number?

    Thanks for the answers.

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  • adibhatla
    10-02 05:50 PM
    Hello fellow IV'ans.....

    Based on the volume trend shown in the USCIS website I called them and wanted to know whether my case has been pre-adjudicated or not?

    Obviously I got the standard answer from the customer service saying the case is pending, I pressed on the fact that I needed to know (based on their website's information) whether the case is pre-adjudicated or not.

    The customer Service rep. then forwarded the call to the National Service Center where an officer picked up the call and said "as of September, 02 2009 the case is in the Pre-Decision Unit and that they will decide on the case, but still at TSC.

    I am a little confused :confused: coz haven't heard anything, anywhere, anyone talking about case being in the Pre-Decision stage. Your esteemed thoughts please....

    04-10 10:44 AM
    I left the U.S on October 30 2009. My L.C. [Perm] had been filed on July 30 2009 and was recently approved.
    My 6 year H1B expired on Feb 2 2010, with approximately 160 days available for recapture.
    My company needs me to return to the US urgently and is wanting me to apply for a Business Visa.
    Subsequently when I am in the U.S, they intend to file for I140 and then 7th year H1B
    extension plus recapture time based on pending I140
    Is this feasible? -- What impact would it have on my green card application process?

    11-03 07:41 AM
    I request one of you guys please advice.