Friday, June 24, 2011

#145: Decalogue III

(To read the first in this series, please click here.)

Chapter: Honor the Sabbath

Gist: Ewa (Maria Pakulni) visits her ex-lover Janusz (Daniel Olbrychski) on Christmas eve to ask for help, as her husband has gone missing.

Script: Simple and flawless.

Acting: Both the lead actor and actress touch the right sentiments and do justice to the core of their characters. As ex-lovers uniting on a Christmas night, there's a romantic melancholy in their chemistry. They talk about the past, reason out things and wish well for the other - all along making it as real as it could get.

Technical craft: Tightly knit on counts of cinematography, editing and background score. Since the story is unfolding on a Christmas night, there's also a lot of attention to details in setting the context for the scenes.

Piece de resistance moments: Some movies don't have those singularly unforgettable moments and yet as a whole leave an imprint. This is one of those.

In a nutshell: Decalogue III is a wonderful story about two ex-lovers who have moved on with their lives and meet on a Christmas night three years later. Its neat execution of a simple story makes it one of the best from the Decalogue quiver.

Decalogue Rating: 8/10

P.S: Rating here implies a relative rank compared to the other 9 chapters and not an absolute rank in itself.