Friday, May 13, 2011

Thoughts on Cabaret

Michael York is an Englishmen travelling is Weismar republic-era Germany, teaching English to supplement his income. He meets MPDG-deconstructed Liza Minelli, a singer at the local Kit Kat Club. The two and friends navigate various romantic entanglements, half-oblivious to the rise of the Nazi party.

-For a musical, this was kind of terrifying. I mean, the last shot. Shit.

-Joel Gray amuses as the asexual, apolitical, 'Wilkommen [...]' Emcee. Liza Minelli flits around, as said, starting out as a Manic Pixie Dream Girl for the European Beginner, but slowly subverts all expectations as her actions actually have, like, consequences. Michael York is pretty and British.

-Is it weird that, until now, I've only known 'Mein Herr' as that song Amanda Palmer sings a fucking lot?