Friday, May 20, 2011

may 21st billboards

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  • goosnarrggh
    Nov 8, 09:42 AM
    They only come in glossy screens now? Damn... im a photojournalist and need color accuracy on screen and it would NOT be good if things looked to have more contrast then they actually do. :(

    Matte has never been an option in the MacBook -- that died with the iBook.

    You can still choose beween matte and glossy in the MacBook Pro.

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  • floatingspirit
    Oct 27, 08:47 PM
    i have a week 26 white 2.0 MB. it has a screw on the bottom in the dead center. it was never serviced.

    Dunno what week it is, but I got it in October. I got screwed too, right in the middle right out of the box. Hasn't been serviced. As I said though, it was nice and quiet before the firmware update...

    Can anyone show a pic of a MB without the center screw? lol

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  • asphalt-proof
    Sep 4, 08:25 AM
    I recently read an article that outlined the orchestration of product release by Apple. In a nutshell, Apple does't want to release too many products in one setting because 1. each new release potentially overshadows the next 2. media buzz will die down in a couple weeks. Apple wants to keep their name in the news as much as possible so they make major announcements, in drips and drabs. Of course this may or may not apply to this new event, but i would speculate that they would not release a new iPod and a 23" iMac in the same event. Apple depends on maximum buzz with the release of the new iPods and I don't think they would take the shance that a new iMac would overshadow it completely. Thoughts?

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  • macgeek2005
    Aug 24, 03:53 PM
    What does it mean to "recall"?.

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  • cwlaw84
    Mar 15, 03:16 PM
    As for tomorrow, I think it makes as much sense as anything at this point. Apple is facing two weeks of silence since the excitement of the pre-order is over and the release of the iPad has some time to come. It'd be a good way to stay in the news to release (or at least officially announce) updates on existing lines.

    Correlating the release of the MBP with the availability of the iPad might get some people to come in for one and buy the other (higher margin on the iPad) or buy both even (Be really sweet if there was a discount for getting both). Hard to get people to buy an iPad, and then come back in a few weeks for a MBP, although how many people would really be probable customers for both I don't really know. I'll probably wind up with both eventually, but I'll wait it out for a 2nd generation iPad unless something like the Notion Ink Adam winds up being as cool in reality as it is in concept. I'm definitely in for a new MBP I think, although my personal experiences with windows 7 have been great so far (Vaio Desktop and Samsung Netbook) so if the new MBPs still have C2Ds (doubtful) or haven't figured out how to transition to a discreet GPU on the fly I might consider a high end PC at this point. Same price, and if you're not stupid about what you download and run avg the experience between 7 and OS X isn't nearly as different as when Vista was around, I wouldn't say it is better than OS X, they're different, but I like it just as well for what I need.

    For now, just have to cross our fingers that tomorrow will be the day Steve Jobs makes even more money off of us all :)

    Just out of curiosity, how many of you waiting for the new MBP either have ordered an iPad or are actually considering it? I'm intrigued, but solely for using it as a litigation tool, I don't really know how I see it fitting in with the MBP market but would love to know what you all think.

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  • notjustjay
    Mar 22, 12:21 PM
    I'll wager that Apple didn't use Comic Sans :eek: in their reply note.

    I always interpreted it as a handwritten note. I guess we won't know unless the guy post a photo of the actual note (if it in fact exists)...

    I find it very disturbing that an adult man would have to ask his wife for permission to buy an iPad, much less return one because she said "No."

    C'mon. Has nobody ever done something, only to have someone close to them (like a spouse, a sibling, a friend, ...) call them out on it to say "Hey, you know, given your current situation, maybe that wasn't a wise move"? Has nobody ever taken such advice, thought on it, then concluded "You know what, my friend is right"? Or is everyone truly hung up on this attitude of "I'M the only one who knows what's best for me, so stay outta my face"?

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  • Shaneuk
    Mar 18, 04:18 PM
    I remain optimistic that Apple will release a new classic with more storage space. Something like the new 220gb toshiba drives would do nicely. ( I think it's 220gb) I don't really see the need to discontinue the classics, they are great. Plus touch screens aren't for everyone, I get really annoyed when I'm out with gloves on, changing albums is a right pain! I also can't press the iPod in my pocket to change the song, like I can do with the classic. I really hope they don't discontinue the Classic.

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  • Mac Fly (film)
    Jul 22, 11:01 PM
    They were smart to give it such a generic name (iPod) with as broad of a platform as it is becoming.You're smart, I never thought of that. Damn they are smart :cool:

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  • MasterHowl
    Mar 25, 01:23 PM
    so I see we're back to iOS Rumours again...

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  • scarlson
    Mar 29, 08:16 PM
    I think that this is as likely as the idea of an iRod...

    Got to see this (

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  • ptsube
    Apr 11, 07:42 AM
    Adobe is not making any new fans with this scheme. I went from MX Studio 2004 to CS4 to CS5, and they cant even give me a free minor update? Either it it has enough new features to release it as a major update, or it doesn't.

    I've given them a lot of money over the years, and they can't even give me a free minor update?

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  • gugy
    Aug 3, 05:58 PM
    THAT is exactly what Im talking about. All you people bitch and complain about new things/developments that Apple might be working on (and later announce) and at first you all hate it. Then you get used to it, and then one day you find you love it. I hope the iPhone does come out and you all hate it and it becomes a phenomenal success....the same case the iPod once faced. Same with the new names (MacBook). Same with the switch to Intel (now look how lucky we are). Same with the Intel integrated one likes those actually, but my point is stop thinking you're going to hate it because you're most likely going to end up getting it anyway.

    So true!
    That's why Steve probably never wasted his time reading forums because in the end MOST people just love to hate and whine. With some exceptions of good posts, I usually just see people expecting crazy products and then getting disappointed at the end of every keynote or special event.

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  • Laird Knox
    Apr 12, 01:23 PM
    How about, "we want to invest in the US!"


    There should be a law that states anytime a US company chooses to manufacture something outside the US, the company must post a clearly-articulated-less-than-25-page document stating AND COMPARING why the US is unable to manufacture said product.

    Dang Chinese US companies! :confused:

    And we wonder why this country is broke.

    Flat tax across the board. I love Apple, but when a company can spend billions to open a plant in another country just to skirt taxes, there is a problem.

    So the US should penalize a Chinese company for building a plant in Brazil? Good luck with that.

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  • veroi9
    Nov 8, 08:22 AM
    i bought a macbook 2ghz core duo, 1gb, 80gb, superdrive at the apple store this past sunday. it looks like now i could of gotten the core 2 duo with all the other same specs for about $200 cheaper. does anyone know if apple has some sort of exchange policy for situations like this?

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  • tk421
    Nov 27, 01:36 PM
    I also think that whoever has the remaining rights to this material realise that its shelf-life is almost up. In 5-10 years time, the broad appeal of much of this material may have less relevance to the average consumer and its perceived market-value may be far less.

    That's not a comment on the merits of The Beatles' music; just my view based on many of the comments I read by what I am assuming are younger music listeners.

    I'm 43, many of these songs are ingrained into my memory from childhood, but the only Beatles albums I would possibly be interested in are maybe 2-4 remastered CDs; I'm not interested in downloads at all. But to be honest, I don't feel that by not currently owning them that my music collection is lacking at all.

    I don't know about that. I'm young and I love the Beatles. They may decrease in popularity, but I don't expect them to go away ever. Also, it is still quite common for popular artists to cover Beatles songs. Just do a search for some songs on iTunes.

    Beethoven and Mozart aren't the most popular artists on the charts today, but their music is still very well known and loved. I expect the Beatles to be known and loved in 100 years. Practically everybody would recognize the opening of Beethoven's fifth, even if they didn't know it was the fifth or that it was written by Beethoven. The Beatles may not reach that level, but their music will be around. They are the most popular artists of this century.

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  • Consultant
    Nov 12, 10:08 PM
    Let's see, before Apple, there was no useful mobile app market.

    Now Apple sells more mobile apps than all the competitors such as Microsoft, Symbian, etc. combined.

    Apple must be doing something right.

    However, to expedite the process and provide more feedback, Apple probably needs hire more people / change the submission structure (no unlimited submission), probably both.

    Keep in mind the whole Apple iTunes mobile app market is fairly new but growing very quickly. Thus that department seems to be facing a classic, but difficult business problem of managing exponential growth.

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  • NeroAZ
    Apr 17, 12:14 AM
    Target also has them in tomorrow's ad.

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  • citizenzen
    Mar 11, 10:57 AM
    The parties involved in these enterprises are typically very wealthy individuals or groups who support the government officials who keep the military maintained in good condition to enforce proper capitalism across international borders.


    So we're supposed to go broke maintaining a bloated military to protect corporate interests abroad?

    How insane is that?! :eek:

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  • farmboy
    Jan 11, 05:02 PM
    Hey everyone, I'd just thought you'd like to know that I'm loaded too. I have 901 shares of Apple....and I would have lost close to $18000 last week when the stock dropped, but fortunately it's only 5% of my portfolio. That and some prescient shorting mitigated my downside risk. So yeah, how about that new MacPro?

    until you sell. It's just a value.

    Nov 7, 06:09 AM
    yes, apple will be shooting themselves in the foot if they don't have that issue resolved in the second generation model.

    does anyone know how many hrs it is until we should "expect" the announcement assuming it is going to be released within the next day.

    Jul 23, 12:26 AM
    oh my... will the nano do ebooks?

    Mar 29, 03:48 PM
    I'm sorry I hurt your feelings because I don't like your phone :rolleyes: but that is what this conversation boils down to at this point. My original feelings to the OP were that if Apple waits, they are going to lose customers. If they start routinely lengthening their iPhone releases, they are heading for disaster.

    I am one of these - I have been holding out for months with my slooooow 3G because my contract expired and I knew the stardard release for next gen iPhone is summer. I was going to get this one no matter what.

    Now with this uncertainty, I'm not willing to suffer anymore, and I'm switching to Android (Atrix). Apple actually pissed me off with this one.

    Jul 22, 08:33 PM
    i'm using my ipod 90% for audiobooks. if i could read books and journals it would be great. damn, apple, another $400 goes down......:eek:

    Sep 12, 05:40 PM
    auto album art fetch isn't working for me, even on manual try. Anyone else having that issue?
    I'm having the same problem here. It looks like it's going to work, but then does nothing.

    And I know the song is there because I went to make sure it was there when it didn't work the first time.