Friday, May 20, 2011

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  • And1ss
    Apr 12, 12:25 PM
    I�ve always wondered about a ROC company with manufacturing in the PRC, especially since the PRC seems to want to muscle the ROC out of existence.

    Politically on the surface, that may be the case, but economically, China and Taiwan are closely linked, so inking ROC out of existence will have huge repercussions for China and its businesses.

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  • slinger1968
    Sep 4, 06:48 PM
    Yes, the point is that Apple is trying to prevent people from running OS X on non-Mac computers. End of story.No, this is incorrect.

    Apple sold it's OS's for Mac hardware only, long before people started running OS X on PC's.

    Mac OS's sold without hardware are sold as upgrades. End of story.

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  • twoodcc
    Nov 6, 11:52 PM
    would love to see it happen this week, or even tomorrow. but i'll believe it when i see it. i know it's coming soon though.

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  • danvdr
    Nov 7, 06:15 PM
    in order to continue their growth, they're have to get into even more niche markets, while expanding their mainstream markets.

    SZ--please explain. It seems that even a small increase in the mainstream would overshadow a large gain in niche markets. If Apple increases mainstream market share why do they need the niche markets?

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  • robertcoogan
    Mar 18, 07:06 PM
    My original iPod is still usable! (1st gen) I use it as a portable drive to hold backup financial files and my 1Password backup.


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  • Hilmi Hamidi
    Oct 16, 02:47 AM
    Here's my setup. Monitor on left and top are used for work. The vertical monitor is used for browsing forums.

    Evil Mickey Mouse, I like it. :cool:

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  • jholzner
    Oct 15, 04:41 PM
    We heard something really similar to that when every other company released video-playing mp3 players before Apple did, and Jobs said he didn't see anybody wanting to have portable video. Well, Apple bit its tongue and released it, calling it "innovation".

    Actually, I believe he said portable video was a waste of time becuase there was no content to PLAY on these devices...and back then, there wasn't. Apple released their iPod with video AND the ability to actually use it.

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  • iDutchman
    Oct 16, 12:48 PM
    Just curious.. why would you put the iMac inside the window and block it entirely? Seems a bit odd

    The iMac is so big, I just had to. Otherwise it would come to close to my face due to the fact that my desk isn't that deep. So, it's better ergonomically and the window has never been used as an actual window anyway. The desk is located in a small, triangle shaped space in my room. I got 4 different big windows to get my light from:p It also gives me just more deskspace. It's like having it against the wall, I suppose. :cool:

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  • blueraja
    May 4, 11:09 PM
    I cant see this really happening...the 3DS has been selling far below expectations at retail and didn't even make its numbers for shipped units. While there is a segment that seems to like 3d, it seems the far larger majority just doesn't care for it. I know that unless it was able to be turned off with no effect on the viewing angle or image quality I wouldn't buy one.

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    Mar 21, 01:35 PM
    This is awesome. I love the note they gave with the iPad.

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  • csheath
    Mar 25, 12:42 PM
    interesting file size for the iP4!

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  • bboucher790
    May 5, 01:19 PM
    The important part of all this is we'll be able to do the .x updates without connecting our devices to iTunes, even if it means using WiFi.

    I'm guessing iOS 5 will offer patches, instead of the full OS, letting users sync on their carrier's network. It's true this update method is more dangerous, but I have a feeling Apple is working on a safe way to do this.

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  • citizenzen
    Mar 29, 08:59 AM
    It's fascinating how quickly the Democrat party has turned into the party of war...

    A couple of points, 5P ...

    1. I have never supported this latest military action. All I did in my posts was to point to the law that allows Obama to do what he did. It's the same law that's been used to justify numerous military actions since it's passing by both Democrats and Republicans alike. Pointing to a law and saying "this" is why something is allowed is not the same as endorsing either the law or the action that it permits.

    2. Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and Bill Clinton are proof that Democrats have long been willing and able to use the military. The unfortunate truth is that both parties have been "parties of war" to this very day.

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  • teme
    Aug 29, 11:15 AM
    I think the prices of Windows and OSX are quite the same. You can buy a new version of OSX more frequently for a lower price per each version, or buy a new version of Windows once and pay more for it but receive free updates/service packs for years. The yearly costs are quite the same.

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  • dlewis23
    May 5, 08:50 AM
    Blow through your data cap with 650MB downloads for every point update? Not happening until Apple can deliver smaller downloads for updates.

    No, it would have to not count against your cap. If it did count 1 update would put people over who are on the 200 MB AT&T data plan.

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  • neoelectronaut
    Sep 12, 03:01 PM
    iTunes now provides access to an "Album Artist" tag which should help keep those duets and other collaborations in line without having to declare them as compilations.


    Please explain further.

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  • doberman211
    Mar 19, 11:30 PM
    When solid-state drives come way, way down in price, and can be manufactured in a scaled-down dimension, you might very well see a 128 gig iPod Classic. But as long as the Classic uses a regular hard drive, I don't see any effort on Apple's part to revamp it or issue a larger capacity.

    Why? it's an ipod first of all, and 128 is a step back from 160. who cares SSD or not? its an ipod not a computer.

    The thing has no need to be updated so why bother? what can they possibly improve in it besides a crappy speaker that i'll hate anyway? and notice i say improve meaning NO TOUCH OPTIONS!

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  • shadowmoses
    Jan 11, 02:06 PM
    Its something to do with apple TV's upgrade. I am guessing it will be totally wireless in terms of being able to buy content from the box itself. ala iPhone music store. That coupled with affordable and vast library of movie rentals.

    Also re-designed MBP. There;s definitely something cool coming!!


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  • balamw
    Oct 15, 11:51 PM
    But you know Apple's got a WiFi iPod in the works, and then the statement on WiFi will be that it's "indispensable." Love that guy.
    Well maybe the WiFi on the vPod will actually be useful for something, like buying tracks or syncing with your PC/Mac or even some light web browsing...

    The Zune's wireless is so neutered that it's essentially useless...


    Nov 8, 06:25 AM
    OMG, the anticipation is killing me.. I'm pressing F5 every 30 seconds... :P
    Get Opera, it can refresh a page automatically every x seconds. :D Mines set to 5!

    Mar 25, 02:13 PM
    419.9 mb on my 32GB 3GS


    419.9MB for me with 16GB 3Gs.

    Different builds depending on device? Someone with multiple devices might be able to confirm that (if they have to download different builds, or possibly, if your iTunes manages multiple devices, that accounts for bigger downloads that accommodate multiple devices instead of just one).

    Nov 9, 10:20 AM
    First off, to all the Flash haters, you guys are the myopic people that prevent real progress. Sure there are a lot of bad flash webpages, but there is plenty of content out there, games, video, and more that runs on Flash and you don't know it. Video is the king, and for some reason Apple doesn't want you viewing video apart from what they sell you. It's all about the $$$. Want proof? Apple added their own Flash player that only works with Utube. They had to do that or they would have been killed in the press, but still they have their own custom flash player for UTube video, but block all else.

    Again, it's all about the $$$. They want to SELL you video, they don't want you getting it for free, or worse yet, buying it from someone else.

    It's all part of Apple's arrogance. Now I love my MacPro, but I'm forced to buy Dell monitors because Apple keeps changing the connectors. The latest Apple 24" monitor has a cable that's too short, and an adapter that requires you to buy a new video card, or a new laptop. Get real Apple. You are going to chase people away.

    Mar 18, 05:17 PM
    I see no need for it when you have an outstanding product like the iPod Touch.

    Sep 13, 12:29 PM
    Nope, none of those reviews count until ZP reviews it, because he is the only person not on drugs.

    My issue is more that since the downturn and so many print & web sites struggling badly, the impact of AAA advertising money on reviews is now clearer than ever.

    I'm not saying that Halo: Reach isn't a great console shooter, just that all of these 11/10 frothing 'bestest EVAR' scores - particularly the ones with more nitpicks than would be present in a 8/10 review of a game without gobs of advertising money - are inherently suspect, because they are bought.