Thursday, May 19, 2011

horseshoe tattoo

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  • jiminaus
    Apr 12, 09:30 PM
    The blog post was from 2 years ago!!!

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  • NAG
    Apr 15, 03:39 PM
    Yadda yadda

    About the 3D, yeah we're definitely agreeing here. No real gain, more work. Cost/benefit doesn't pan out.

    As far as the second thing, I wasn't referencing you. Whoops. Sorry. :o Should have quoted them. Anyway, I agree that virtual sticks aren't the devil (unlike cursors controlled by dpads). Still, I think there has to be a better way for some of the interactions and that they're mostly being used as kludges (again, basically agreeing).

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  • Whistleway
    Aug 8, 08:05 AM
    apple made a strategic mistake of not buying parallels. it is gonna hurt them in the long run. steve is too old fashioned and dragging the company down. it is a great product. :(

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  • talmy
    May 2, 04:02 PM
    It's really optimized for HD video. It has low resolution which will really stand out when used for other than video. TN rather than IPS panel which has a reduced viewing angle. The large cited contrast range is done by dimming the screen backlight with dark content, which is a reasonable trick for video but would be totally annoying for computer use.

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  • interlaced
    Dec 18, 07:31 PM
    $15 shipped? Fine with me :)

    thanks, i'll send it out tomorrow. :D happy holidays.

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  • drakino
    Apr 4, 04:45 PM
    Not just the price drop, but performance improvements as well. I had an orig. MBA, and it was a piece of s***. My new MBA is a pretty nice machine. Nice enough I sold my iPad to finance it.

    The older Air was ok as long as it had an SSD in it. That, and a later revision that didn't suffer as much from the overheating issues. I had the 13 inch NVidia based one with the SSD option and loved it, but it was pretty pricey.

    Really happy with the work provided 11 inch. They bumped it up to the 1.6 processor, 4gb ram, and 128gb SSD. It's a great on call system, awesome portability, and still enough power to let me game on the road.

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  • RebelScum
    Jul 7, 10:42 AM
    I might line up at Laval.

    Anyone have info on if we can buy just the phone, without a plan, and then jailbreak it so it can use my current rogers plan?

    This launch is going to be so lame, I doubt you'll need to line up anywhere.

    You can use your existing Rogers plan and carry it through. Data will be 5� KB ($5/MB, or approximately $7 to view ~$12 to view a Facebook page with a lot of apps on it.)

    I recommend not buying it. Go with the Samsung Instinct. $10 unlimited data.

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  • bella92108
    Mar 30, 11:17 PM
    Yep. That is why the viphone did not sell through... Verizon customers have lots of excellent choices when it comes to smart phones. No question if you are using a late model top tier android device like the dx it is Painful going back to a viphone. Add to that real 12Mbit plus downloads only on Verizon and only on android phones and apples offerings are not even in the game.

    The viphone kills in video conferencing though....

    I agree.

    Tho I really wonder who is using Facetime? I know everyone talks about it like it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, but it's like the webcam on my mac, yeah it's nice to have when I call my mom across the country, but it's something I'd use about 0.01% of the time, and if I were going to use it, it's more likely I'd tell my mom to get on the computer and skype me on my computer to have full screen HD video chat...

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  • BarryK88
    Apr 6, 05:09 AM
    I'm using an imagePickerController to replace my existing images inside my view. The function works within the same IB-file. However I'd like to load the chosen image in another IB-File as well. I think that the solution is to give a name to the image when saved. After it is saved I'd like to call the image (by name) from my memory within my other IB-file.

    Here's a snippit of code I'm using within the photopicker IB-file


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  • Lixivial
    Oct 8, 02:55 AM
    While Dotson declined to comment about any partnership between the companies, he spoke highly of Apple's upcoming Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).

    So even T-Mobile's CEO pirated the Leopard preview? Gosh.

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  • nerdykarim
    Mar 25, 05:24 PM
    i got the e2c's a couple days ago, and i fear they might be raising my standards to more expensive headphones, too. its sort of eerie not being able to hear anything around you.

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  • jetjaguar
    Mar 10, 07:17 PM
    like i said i have the Transcend 400x 16gb card .. but it says that it is only 60mb/s read and 30mb/s write which is slow isnt it for a 400x card ?

    your 233x card is prolly faster than my 400x .. i just wanna make sure i make the correct purchase .. i only have one right now but i am planning on picking up a 2nd one

    also curious what cf card readers are you guys using ?? i need to pick one up and i dont really feel like spending 100+ for a firewire one

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  • tech4all
    Jan 14, 05:27 PM
    let me start by saying that I just got my first mac ever (a new imac) last week.

    last night I spend close to an hour just opening tons of different sized windows and using expose.

    is this normal or is this the first sign of a mac addiction problem?

    or both? :)

    First just wanna say CONGRATS on your first Mac :)

    Now back to you question: Who's to say being addicted to a Mac isn't normal :p (yea I don't if that even makes sense, lol) But yes I love Epos� as well. Very handy feature.

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  • ct2k7
    Apr 23, 06:57 AM
    Whoa, she's dude :eek:

    I thought with a name like Carolyn, she was a girl

    She's a woman.....!/CSSamit

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  • Steelers7510
    Mar 14, 05:14 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_6 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8E200 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Well just another failed product by microsoft.

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  • ViciousShadow21
    Nov 9, 09:07 AM
    Bro .. that desktop is terrible and depressing. Where's the color ?

    I like it

    sleek is what i would say, not depressing

    to each his own i suppose.

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  • Flowbee
    Dec 31, 02:49 AM
    Looks great, but I've just started getting this freaky green box under the top of the left column. (??) Latest Panther, Safari.

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  • b1scu1t
    Apr 15, 09:35 AM
    It is exactly the same. I even tried putting my iMac on the DMZ in my router to see whether a totally exposed machine helps, but not so.

    You are running a Apple router and I am running a Linksys with the stock firmware. I will screw around a bit more in both my mac and the router and see whether I can sort something out and keep you guys posted.

    Your settings match the Photos posted on page 1? PM me your ichat/AIM name.

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  • lloyddean
    May 3, 09:43 PM
    How much free space available on the boot drive, and what size drvie, before the paste operation?

    May 4, 05:35 AM
    I've had a US 160GB classic for 3 years and it's still got the unlimited volume, even after a few firmware upgrades.

    Mar 14, 08:27 PM
    I'm not surprised to be honest. A friend of mine has one of the older Zune devices and while the interface for the device itself looks half decent it can be difficult to navigate and the software itself is bloated and slow.

    May 5, 08:58 PM
    I love that you chose the wired numeric keyboard. So much better...! I'm using one right now.

    I hate that goddamn Magic Mouse, though. Gave mine away, for no money. Pissed me off something terrible.

    Aug 7, 06:29 PM
    Wonder how much they paid Connectix just to abandon it.

    Next step: Microsoft announces they've acquired Parallels, Inc.

    Sep 12, 08:11 PM
    - iTunes 7 will confirm if you wish to re-download content, and has a backup utility for backing up your library. Also introduced is a feature called "skip count" which tells you how often you have skipped a song.

    This is not new to iTunes 7. This has been in iTunes since practically version 4. Where did you get the idea that this was a new feature?

    BTW, the iPod software update 1.2 for video iPods does not appear to give the new Advanced Search function to older 5G iPods.

    no one seems to be pointing out that they got rid of educational pricing for iPods... that's a bummer.

    It's not really that much of a bummer. The max discount you ever got was $30 (I think, not sure if you got more for a $399 model), but with the new models, Apple discounted the highest iPods by $50 instead. So if you buy at full price, you're still paying less than you would have with the educational discount previously.

    I don't think the shuffles ever had special educational pricing, and I'm not sure the nanos ever did either.