Saturday, May 21, 2011

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  • Jaymes
    Mar 28, 03:50 PM
    I don't mind Radio Shack for random overpriced cables in an emergency, but I would never buy anything else in there. The salespeople are just far too pushy and circle around you like vultures attracted to a rotting carcass.

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  • Detektiv-Pinky
    Nov 8, 08:57 AM
    Actually I like being a consumer with choices. I've only used my powerbook to burn DVDs maybe thrice. If I had to buy another computer. I'd probably go with a Combo drive since I'd have the powerbook to burn DVDs.

    Plus why make everyone's computer more expensive when some people don't want it.

    Can you tell me what the price difference between a ComboDrive and a Superdrive is? ComboDrives are probably more expensive now than a simple Single Layer burner, because nobody makes them anymore...

    Every 599€ Notebook now has a DVD burner. :eek:

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  • ddrueckhammer
    Sep 12, 08:49 PM
    Hye guy if you are a registered student and go to anywell known school you get a discount on ipods year round as well as any other apple product.

    That was the whole point of the initial complaint. I actually came to the defense of forum member who was complaining about no student discounts and someone told them to "get a grip" for expecting a student discount.

    If you log into an Apple edu site you will notice that there is no edu discount on any of the new models of iPods. It seem to me that Apple wouldn't want to alienate a market as important to iPods as students but I guess I was wrong. Cool isn't cool if the MTV crowd doesn't rubber stamp it.

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  • YourHerojb
    May 5, 10:49 PM
    With this 3D facetracking display being rumored, the first thing I thought of was the future of iPad gaming.
    Imagine playing a game, where instead of moving the right analog to change the camera angle, you just move your head to look around the corner.
    (come on everybodys tried it with there tv at least once :P)

    But then I came upon the fact that the placing of the cam on the ipad would pretty much prevent landscape mode since your thumb would be in the way.
    Then of course, theres the new smart cover or any docking system, you could prop it up in landscape mode and use some sort of bluetooth controller or maybe an iPhone as a controller to your iPad.

    I would be so impressed.

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  • skunk
    Oct 27, 05:55 AM
    Seems weird that a hardware problem is being solved by a software fix? :confused:

    How can a firmware update stop a wire shorting the circuit?As has been suggested earlier, by instructing the controller to ignore anomalous input from the sensor, or by kicking in the fans earlier to prevent rapid expansion of the heatsink on startup, or both.

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  • SevenInchScrew
    Sep 7, 07:30 PM

    In one week, the final Halo game from Bungie will be released, and we will all finally get to see the downfall of planet Reach up close and personal. Just like the planet, Bungie is closing out their series of Halo games with a bang, filling the game with many improvements and new features.

    Game Versions

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  • tekmoe
    Mar 11, 03:23 PM
    I just bought a Macbook Pro literally 5 minutes ago. I've been waiting for months and I finally gave up. After the order was completed, I thought I'd check macrumors just for laughs and the first thing I saw was, "new macbook pros tomorrow?" :(

    Patience is a virtue, my friend.

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  • georgi0
    Sep 22, 01:24 PM
    For those that are unfamiliar with Wal-Marts business practices I recommend you watch Frontline's Is Wal-Mart Good For America? (

    It's a great documentary. You can watch it online for free using RealPlayer.

    there is also another one: the high cost of wal mart.

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  • bruinsrme
    Mar 28, 08:39 PM
    I walked into a Best Buy today, walked right over to the apple section and the Apple rep asked what I was looking for.
    I told him an ipad 2.
    What flavor? I told him doesn't matter.
    5 minutes later I was getting in my car with a 32G 3G.

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  • morespce54
    Aug 4, 03:08 PM
    What is this icon? I'm not a dev so it could be one I just don't recognize...
    It's the one below automator.


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  • LightSpeed1
    May 5, 08:09 AM
    I think that is sort of the point here... :eek:That would suck.

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  • thejedipunk
    Aug 4, 03:41 AM
    Also why is a cup of tea/coffee up there? There is a small 3rd party prog that uses the icon, I'm just wondering why its up there... perhaps to promote the use of Macs in coffee shops =)

    That's the Mac style logo for Sun's Java. Been in use for a while now.

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  • pdqgp
    Apr 11, 07:02 PM
    Haha, people still actually buy software from Adobe. The Internet is your friend people.

    ;) I agree that it's crazy to pay full price. Everyone has to know someone in college or who can at least get an educational discount. I mean of several hundred bucks, make a friend. Otherwise, yes, simply 5-10 minutes on the net can yield you the full CS Suite and all the major plug ins. I think the total available in that time is about $3,500.

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  • Richard1028
    Dec 6, 11:35 PM
    I know that when the Beatles hit iTunes it was a day I was always supposed to remember but...

    I already forgot what day that was. :o

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  • AxisOfBeagles
    Mar 11, 09:13 PM
    I just barely got my first speedlight a few weeks ago. So I can point it up and put it just low enough to trigger the strobes?

    I'd say it's time for some experimentation!

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  • daceymathers
    Apr 28, 12:22 AM
    So will this indicate CS6 end of the year?

    I wonder how much Master Collection will be? $3k and your kidney

    Really its too expensive.Estimated street price for the Creative Suites is expected to be Rs. 1,54,791 for CS5.5 Master Collection, Rs. 1,13,141 for CS5.5 Design Premium, Rs. 1,07,065 for CS5.5 Web Premium, Rs. 1,01,185 for CS5.5 Production Premium and Rs. 77,371 for CS5.5 Design Standard.

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  • walnuts
    Jan 11, 02:38 PM
    You know, I hate to say this, but it has a striking resemblance to the "Vista" font. Granted, "vista" is more narrow. Scary, huh?

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  • neutrino23
    May 5, 02:41 AM
    I really hope this is not true. 3D is the last thing I want in an iPad.

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  • Burnsey
    Nov 2, 05:53 PM
    I hate flash. It's slow and resource intensive in OSX, don't know who to blame for that though, Apple or Adobe.

    Apr 14, 09:10 AM
    "switchers" ... plain and simple :D

    Buyer satisfaction with other Apple products is clearly filtering down into Mac sales. This trend will only continue to strengthen.

    Sep 22, 02:14 PM
    I don't think Wal-Mart makes money on a lot of their DVDs. They sell them at a loss to get people in their stores. If people buy on iTunes, they don't come into Wal-Mart.
    15+ dollars for a 15 cent disc with 45 cents in packaging around it shipped for about 95 cents. Walmart is making plenty. Wholesale for new DVDs is about 7 dollars less distribution costs (typically less than a dollar a disc). Older movies I have seen go for as little as 2$ wholesale.

    Apr 12, 08:53 AM
    I used to pirate then stopped. A responsible businessman should and in some cases has to when they use their software and hardware for legitimate purposes. It's a major tax write off at least.

    I was still in college when I was using CS1 and CS2. Either way, I eventually grew up and purchased the EDU version of the software with my own cash. And at that time by the way, hacked versions were far more unstable. You couldn't update them, you had to run patching scripts ever so often, plugins wouldn't work or would crash the system etc. It was just better to have the legit copy and keep it moving instead of spending time troubleshooting your scripts.

    I don't know how it is now, but I know that it was that way up until CS3 based on the students at my job that still pirated software.

    I am sure said person (who doesn't work in the design field) would want to take up design and production as a part-time/tennis shoe money job to support their family yet doesn't have the money to get CS so they just steal it??????? :confused:

    This person wouldn't want to get a part-time job that doesn't need him to steal? Or he/she could just claim he's/she's a student/educator and pay for the EDU version . . . at the VERY LEAST.

    Read the comment thoroughly. ANYONE can learn the apps, any goofball like you stated yourself in the bold. I didn't put any time restraint on this goofball. But I did mention that it take far more to be a good designer.

    Yes it is IMHO. Far better than just taking it. At least you are paying something for someone's work. Using your student ID at the movies, camera shop for film and agitator, Apple store, etc is far better than just stealing from them out right.

    No hard feelings bro.

    All good points. Let's leave it as different people in different circumstances. For the record, it's not right for anyone to pirate software. However, there are some people, in some situations, that feel that doing the right thing at the time isn't always the best thing. Definitely no hard feelings - just discussion.

    Mar 31, 12:44 AM
    Well, I'm certainly glad you're not letting blind partisanship guide your thinking...:rolleyes: Oy.

    Never thought i would hear a republican say "illegal war". If this was a republican president, i think dime would be singing a different tune. If a democrat takes military action, suddenly the republicans become hippies.

    Dec 3, 06:03 AM
    Why all the focus on Bach in this thread?

    Beatles>Jesus>Beethoven>[insert 40 or 50 names here]


    I think there was a quote from Mozart, who obviously didn't know the Beatles, who didn't rank Jesus very high as a composer, but who put Bach ahead of Beethoven.