Monday, May 2, 2011

good deeds ~ LA blogger meetup

what's better than sharing all sorts of ideas for making the world a better place? 
actually making the world a better place together

today i bring you some news that i'm super excited about!
brandi {from not your average ordinary} and i are teaming up to put good deeds into action.
on june 4, we will be hosting a bake sale for charity here in los angeles, and everyone is invited!
of course i know many of you don't live nearby, which is totally sad! you will be missed, but
maybe you can host a charity blogger meetup in your neck of the woods?...


more details to follow soon, but for now,
we need your help with one thing: finding a location.

here's what we are looking for:
- a gallery, cute shop, or cafe that has some extra space for a table full of treats.
- a location that would be happy to give us permission to host our bake sale on their property
{owning or knowing an owner of a gallery/shop is preferred}.
- a location in the LA area that is well-known, easy to get to, and has a lot of foot traffic
{examples: silver lake, santa monica, los feliz, etc.}.

if you know of a location that sounds like this, please contact brandi or me, either in the comments or by email.

my email: fillyourwell{at}
brandi's email: brandi{at}

thank you so much for any and all of your help!
this is going to be such a fun opportunity for us to get together and make the world a better place.
i can't wait!