Friday, May 20, 2011

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  • emotion
    Nov 8, 08:55 AM
    Someday, I hope, Apple will release another 12" laptop- prefereably an MBP. I don't think I will buy another computer until then- I love my 1.33 12" PB!

    I hear ya. I'm using the same machine and want a replacement. That replacement machine doesn't exist (yet).

    Apple has access to all those lovely ULV C2Ds for a start. They would make an excellent basis for a sleek new Macbook Nano for example.

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  • 4np
    Aug 24, 06:11 PM
    I was already on the phone with Apple and they said the page is bogged down and to give it some time to cool off. My battery was in the range, Apple told me it was, and the app still doesn't work. Save some time and try again tomorrow or later tonight when people should be asleep.

    I guess that you're awake when I'm asleep (and the other way round)... in fact... it's 01:10 right now and I need to get up at 7:45... better go to bed and give the rest an opportunity to visit the battery exchange pages ;)

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  • Bobjob186
    Nov 6, 11:27 PM
    Would you buy a CD MB the day the C2D comes out for $700

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  • T'hain Esh Kelch
    Mar 19, 05:38 AM
    I don't get why they don't push a 220GB drive into the iPod Touch and sell that instead.. Best of both worlds!

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  • AppleInLVX
    May 5, 09:11 AM
    Uh, isn't the world in 3D? I mean, we do see in three dimensions, correct? Is this a clever way of saying you are blind?

    No, more a way of saying that a little screen, or any screen, lives IN a 3D world. The best explanation I've ever read I found on Roger Ebert's site. It's worth a read:

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  • Antares
    May 4, 09:40 PM
    This could be really nice. A natural evolution for display on portable device. I hope it pans out sooner than later.

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  • benixau
    Oct 12, 03:36 PM
    Look, dont get me wrong. I believe that as soon as apple and motorola say ta-ta to each other for the mac's CPU then we may have a decent processor under the hood. Look, whilst ironic that the very chip we want comes from a copmany at the complete opposite end of the market, a power4 even cut down at 2Ghz or 2.5Ghz may get apple upto maybe 10-15% of the market share. That is important because then we would become a sizable group. Worth seriously developing for maybe???

    Most of the oldest apple allys dont take apple seriously anymore and they just pump out aps that are compatible to stop the email flood that would occur if they didnt.

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  • DJinTX
    Mar 25, 01:55 PM
    Ditto. My poor 3G is one step away from being an ipod only... I hate that Apple has essentially bricked that phone. Mine is in great shape, but barely works after the 4.0 update. Retro would be ideal.

    It's not that Apple isn't capable of coming up with a version of iOS that would run well on the 3G hardware. Of course they could if they wanted to. What it comes down to is Apple having to draw a line in the sand and phase out support at some point. They can't keep spending money to develop for it forever. The 3G is nearly 3 years old. I think it has served it's purpose well, and now it's time to let it retire in peace. It's worked a long time and is tired.

    Personally I am surprised anyone is holding on to older phones like that. There are such good deals to be found in selling old hardware that will allow you to upgrade every year if you want with little or no expense to do so. When the 3Gs came out, I sold my original iPhone online for $160, so the upgrade only cost me $40 plus tax. It was well worth it. And when iPhone 5 drops this summer, I will do the same thing. Not too shabby if you ask me.

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  • mangoarts
    Sep 12, 02:45 PM
    Movies purchased from the iTunes Store can't be burned to a DVD or VCD that will play in a DVD player or Video CD.

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  • Starfall
    Nov 12, 02:11 PM
    The problem is that Facebook has much more sensitive information in it than your iPhone address book card. Not only that but significantly MORE information in it.

    It's difficult to compare the address book on your iPhone to that of your entire friends list, including possible relationships (family, friends, peers), your phone number(s), your friends phone number(s), their family members, my website address for both personal and professional uses, email addresses for personal and professional use, birthdates, favorites (books, music, movies), etc.

    Think of how that could be used.

    My iPhone address book card has my emails, address, phone numbers. While those are important it doesn't tell you nearly as much about me that could be used in extremely bad ways. Think more than spam and sales calls.

    An iPhone can know its current location. Most people would consider this to be sensitive information. You might say, "Yes, but the iPhone asks the user's permission to use their current location", in which case I'd point out that Facebook applications could behave the same way.

    Again, Facebook could theoretically approve all Facebook applications, but still only allow applications to have access to their users' personal information with explicit approval of the user, or even forbid certain kinds of access altogether. Regardless of where a Facebook application runs, doesn't it still have to make requests of the Facebook servers themselves for personal information? And yet, Facebook still explicitly approves Facebook applications. And I think it is reasonable for both Facebook and Apple to do so.

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  • b3beater
    Nov 27, 09:45 AM
    I bet those four people who bought a Zune are going to be pissed! :eek:

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  • roxygal9
    Mar 11, 03:52 PM
    It was judged to be a hoax, just like all the MBP rumors so far.

    Thanks for the clarification


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  • Thunderhawks
    Mar 25, 04:14 PM

    I get 36 hours on my Droid X without any issues...

    Do you switch it on?

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  • ChrisA
    Apr 2, 02:59 AM
    An "Image Sensor" is not a camera. The sensor is part of a camera. In addition to a sensor one needs to add at least a lens, some buffer memory and a controller. Sony makes image sensors for many, other camera makers.

    8MP is way to many pixels for a cell phone camera. The only reason to have so many is for marketing purposes because consumers seem to think (wrongly) that more is better. What really limits sharpness of a cell phone camera is the physical size of the lens. If the lens projects a blurred image onto the focal plane the best sensors will simply make a very good recording of the blurred image.

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  • BC2009
    Mar 18, 03:49 PM
    lol... Comments are priceless:

    No kidding -- kinda reads like the iPad comments from last year, except instead of six pages there are probably hundreds for iPad. Weird looking at those forum posts and not recognizing any of the posters and seeing some labeled as "guest".

    Some guy named "Beholder of Truth" really nailed it on why the iPod would be revolutionary. People probably called him an "Apple Fanboy" or whatever the 2001 equivalent of that was (one guy called him a "Tool").

    Very amusing reading those comments.

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  • rdowns
    Mar 11, 02:02 PM
    To all those cutting military by huge percentages, what are your plans to deal with the millions of unemployed that would produce?

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  • johnny_g
    Aug 2, 10:09 PM
    Well, they find a problem and Apple responds in less than a day! No matter whose fault it was, Apple's computers had an obscure security hole and I applaud them for fixing it... not sure why everyone is getting all defensive over this one. Apple has already fixed the problem with the latest OS X security update, and I would guess Microsoft has done the same thing:

    The update to WebKit resolves an issue where a maliciously-crafted HTML document could cause a previously deallocated object to be accessed, leading to an application crash or arbitrary code execution.

    Really seems like a non-event to me as Macbook users (I wouldn't be scared to claim 100% of them) use their internal airport cards, not the silly USB one that opened up a security hole before this seurity update existed.

    I mean if you install ARD and give someone the password then they can have complete control over your computer maybe that should reach front page as the main headline.

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  • MacSamurai
    Oct 16, 07:21 AM
    Steve is a smart guy. I wish our president could answer tough questions as gracefully as Steve does.

    Steve for president lol.I wish our president could answer questions period...

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  • EasyB
    Oct 31, 06:17 PM
    This firmware update seems like a good thing, but I'm just afraid of the computer shutting down even though it supposedly ignores temp readings. I tried running the hardware diagnostic, and guess what. The MacBook still shut down- multiple times while trying to run the test. I was unable to get the diagnostic to run at all. Should I just call Apple up and start demanding answers and taking no prisoners? Or should I be more sly about it? I'm just starting to get pissed off at what I thought was a great computer company.

    Just do it, have some faith. It is the best update I ever did. My mac does not shut down anymore and it works better. And the firmware update only takes a few seconds, i too was worried about it shutting down during the firmware update, but do you think apple would put out a update like that. Could you imagine the mess if half of the macbooks died during the update and would not boot anymore? They would not take that chance.

    So just do it, it will work for you, and maybe restore some faith in apple.


    Oct 16, 05:26 PM
    Yeah, I was with him up until this line:
    I think that music faded in importance for a while, and the iPod has helped to bring music back into people's lives in a really meaningful way. Music is so deep within all of us, but it's easy to go for a day or a week or a month or a year without really listening to music. And the iPod has changed that for tens of millions of people, and that makes me really happy, because I think music is good for the soul.

    Umm, yeah, the iPod brought music back into the limelight. Thanks Steve Jobs, in the 90s I was worried music would go away forever, even though it's existed since the dawn of man. :rolleyes:

    Actually I understand Jobs' point. I think he was referring to people like me, Gen X-ers (with disposable income) currently in their 30s-40s who accumulated hundreds of CDs throughout college and early careerhood of the 80s and early 90s. Then life got busy with wife, kids, work, mortgage, etc, and throughout the late 90s I rarely ever listened to or purchased music because I could never pick which CD I felt like listening to, and even if I could there just wasn't time to veg around listening to a CD like I used to.

    MP3s changed all that as I started ripping my CDs into my computer, and gradually rediscovered all my music in the background while I was doing other things...I just kept thinking "I wish someone would make a portable little thingy I could so I could take these songs wherever I want." I kept watching and bought the first such device I found in 1999, a $499 Creative Nomad Jukebox 6GB (later upgraded to 20GB before the iPod was ever born). I understood the power of 1000 songs in your pocket, and even bought primitive accessories for the Nomad so I could play it on boombox speakers outside, or take it in the car.

    Being a lifelong Apple user, I knew I wanted an iPod when it was released but had to wait until it reached 30GB to eclipse my Nomad. I now have 12,000 songs in my iTunes spread over 4 iPods in the family, and the music is always the car, on the computer, in the living room, out by the pool, in the kitchen, while exercising...and I've bought more music in the last 3 years than at any other time in my life. Now I can hear my favorite Tony Orlando song from when I was 5 juxtaposed with a couple Journey tunes from high school, immediately followed by the new Beck CD, all while I make dinner or cut the lawn.

    The iPod has helped to bring music back into my life in a really meaningful way.

    Sep 12, 03:23 PM
    Also, while looking for iTunes7 I read that v 6.0.5 could send audio to more than one set of remote speakers simultaneously. How do you do that?

    If you have two different Airport Expresses, both with speakers attached, you can stream music to both at the same time. This isn't a new feature in 7.0.

    Manic Mouse
    Sep 6, 08:21 AM
    *next* Tuesday ;)

    Merom in the iMacIntel does leave a space in the lineup for the Conroe Mini-Tower.

    When they come out and we both buy one, can we have a little MacRumours party topic? We can dance all night long! ;)

    I would be so happy!

    Mar 11, 05:28 PM
    So the military is too big to fail?

    The President's opinion on the matter: Video ( and transcript (

    Mar 28, 12:47 PM
    Milo helped me find 2 iPads at a Best Buy in my local area. Unfortunately, the site has shown 'sold out' everywhere for the last few days.

    That's because Best Buy stopped showing iPad 2 availability online a few weeks ago (and Milo requires this), because they are currently trying to fill their backlog of orders and reservations with every iPad they get. They stopped taking orders at the same time. Once they fulfill all their orders and start having stock, I'm sure they will switch the future back on, that let's you check local inventory.

    On a side note, I went to an Apple store in Indianapolis, at 9:30am at the end of last week and there were about 150+ people in line. I didn't realize they were still opening the store an hour early every day to sell the iPads they had received in the previous day. I wonder how long this will go on for.