Saturday, May 21, 2011

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  • Blakeco123
    Mar 18, 11:37 PM
    How cool would it be if apple released a 10th anniversary edition ipod classic that was 320gb (double current) and also came with a cable that could attach to an ipad and the ipod would act as a media drive to play music and movies off of.

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  • toddybody
    Apr 2, 08:42 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Hmm, a better camera? Well I never...
    Seriously though, I just hope this megapixel bump comes with improvements to the sensor...that's why the iP4 camera looks better than the 8MP Evo

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  • Source
    Oct 14, 03:49 PM
    Again, you've made some good points, Nipsy. But you're so childish in the way you present your replies, with stupid and pointless remarks about things that i haven't addressed and wouldn't care to address, that i'm not about to take you seriously.

    You have insulted me and since you are taking my responses so personally, i will respond in like.

    "business acumen"? Hahaha. Grow up, kid. You have demonstrated that you know nothing of the computer industry or the position that Apple holds, but merely fabricated what position YOU think Apple holds, "as a shareholder". You haven't admitted when you were wrong and you're just blindly arguing for Apple.

    I never said anything about us designing chips for Apple and to even bring that up is moronic. It doesn't add to the argument or make a point, it's just suggesting that i said something that i didn't. If you can't see that, then kindly re-read my posts before replying.

    You are not getting kudos for making good points, you are getting kudos for making popular replies. The ones that most Mac users here want to hear - How much Apple owns and how they have a masterplan that, mysteriously, never seems to quite work out for them, now does it.

    Well it seems as though Apple has gone with IBM, so part of their "plan" is to improve chip speed, just as i suggested they should.

    I never suggested that the only way for Apple to survive is purely chip speed, i suggested that that is a major part of it and to say it isn't is moronic.

    In the end, Nispy, we have agreed on many points and if this whole argument had gone a little better, without petty, childish insults on your part, which i'm ashamed to say that i have contributed to in this last post, and complete missunderstandings of my posts, we could have come to some kind of constructive conclusion. Clearly that wasn't your aim.

    I just hope you have achieved whatever you intended to with your childish endeavors in this thread.

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  • weitzner
    Aug 3, 03:53 PM
    I must say that I hope the developers get a preview copy of Leopard... seeing as I'm going :D

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  • Chris Bangle
    Oct 16, 12:52 PM
    I dont want to put anyones hopes up or down but tomarrow is tuesday. And invitations for a media event go out a week before an event which in this case would be next tuesday. So if the fullscreen things gonna happen in time for ipod's birthday invitions will come out tomarrow.... If there are no invites there wont be a fullscreen ipod till january, if there are invites then ipod will be here on tuesday... That is my prediction...

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  • Al Coholic
    Apr 17, 10:46 AM
    Apple tends to give technology a very "feminine" touch - meaning the products tend to have very curvy, attractive, almost sensual lines....Attractive, minimalist design will always have some association with feminine sensibilities. This is normal.

    Dude. You need to get out of the house and out from behind your iDevices.


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  • Chris Bangle
    Jul 23, 07:11 AM
    I think it would be neat to not only add ebooks... but MAGAZINES!

    i mean, the ipod is a teen/young person trend for the most part anyway.... why not make Seventeen/Vogue/Vibe/XXL/Cosmopolitan for the iPod. Make it categorized like a podcast... so you scroll to what chapter you want.... then read the articles and see the images that correspond with them. You could subscribe to them like you do podcasts but the magazine companies could make you pay to subscribe. Something along the lines of what you'd pay to buy the paperback... or heck... even more since people would pay it.

    You would have to regulate the content though for what is sold in the iTMS. Sure a playboy/hustler magazine would sell a gazillion subscriptions but i dont think you could get away with selling it in the itunes store.... Just make it an open .pdf type of file (or even a proprietary kind, that incorporates .pdfs with .jpg's .aac's and .mov's) where joe schmoe can make his own for his friends... or for his business... and Hugh Hefner can make his own and sell it on his own website. This way any blame of inappropriateness would fall on an external site (ie not Apple.

    Think of the possibilites.

    THough i HATE DRM you could restrict the ".imagazine" file it to the 5 or 7 people who have your account enabled like they do with music. You could have a parental setting in iTunes for what grade of content was allowed....

    you could do a whole bunch.... NY times in your palm, Recipe magazines for mom.... porn for timmy.... Businessweek/ PC Mag for dad....

    ANd you would have have have to make it where one could view the paper/magazine from the computer. Maybe this could be via Bluetooth or USB.

    My mind is going cuh-razy

    Itunes already has FADER magazine

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  • Fuchal
    Mar 25, 04:55 PM
    I just downloaded the update, it told me something failed and I need to restore my iPhone. I am on try 3 and it is still failing every time it tries to restore. It's giving me error code 1013. I would stay away from this update for at least a day or two until others give feedback. It doesn't seem to be that critical of an update anyways.

    Same thing happened to me... I had to use Tiny Umbrella to kick it out of recovery mode and then it was fine.

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  • greg70
    Mar 12, 02:22 AM
    mmmmmm i7 sounds sexy

    Wait till you see the i69 :D

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  • darkwing
    Nov 8, 07:43 AM
    I bet they'll ship these before they ship us our 17" C2D MBPs that they waited until the last minute to tell us could not ship due to "high demand" even though they haven't shipped any.

    What a horrible company.�

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  • daneoni
    Sep 6, 10:21 AM
    Hmm, slightly off topic but maybe we'll see a 40" ACD soon with the 30" dropping to the mid-size and the 24" becoming base. Eeek! 40" of estate...thats alot of estate.

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  • janstett
    Sep 26, 05:23 AM
    Liberal = Open mind

    Some people who call themselves liberals are just as closed-minded and intolerant as the worst on the right. See most college professors.

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  • britishempire
    Aug 24, 08:10 PM
    Ah, I didn't see that.

    It's hardly very prominent, considering this is meant to be a, potentially, very dangerous problem.

    Anyway, I can't be bothered to call Apple, I'll just wait and see how this all pans out. At the bottom of the page there is a link saying 'iBook G4 and PowerBook G4 Battery Recall'

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  • smirking
    Mar 30, 03:56 PM
    I think you'd better use one of the Galaxy Tab, preferably while right next to an iPad, before you freely recommend the Galaxy Tab as a replacement.

    I've tried a Galaxy Tab 7" and really liked the smaller form factor... but just for playing games. For surfing and email, I'd find 7" a little too small, but a 7" tablet is large enough to provide details and ease of control, but small enough to comfortably fit in your hands.

    I didn't try it out long enough to really put it through its paces or to develop an opinion of how the OS fits together, but I had a really nice 5 minute experience with it.

    BTW, I own an iPad and I'm happy with it, but I do admire the build quality of a lot of the tablets coming out. Everyone who's in the game seems to be putting out something that actually feels like a solid piece of hardware instead of the cheap feeling laptops that they usually produce.

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  • kas23
    Nov 23, 07:23 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_0 like Mac OS X; en) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8A293 Safari/6531.22.7)

    This just proves how idiotic humanity is. These songs have been available in multiple formats for over 40 years, but only now, since they are offered in a lossy digital file, do people buy them.

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  • MacNut
    Sep 12, 04:40 PM
    Question for everyone.
    I was playing with itunes 7, and I realized that if i hit the yellow minimize button (with scale effect set) it minimizes into the dock like normal, but when i try to bring it back from the dock it does nothing for a second and then it just appears. I don't know if the way i wrote that makes sense, but give it a try and see if it works for you.its a genie glitch, or thats how it seems.

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  • lazit7
    Apr 17, 07:07 PM
    went to local best buy as soon as they opened, but only to realize that they only carry 3g models..? the line wasn't long though. I had about 6 guys in front of me.

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  • boss.king
    May 4, 11:35 PM
    Not interested in this. It's not really any more convenient to do this OTA. Just plug your phone in for 10 mins and install it in the evening. I could maybe see this working over Wi-Fi but for a lot of places this would destroy peoples data caps.

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  • ClimbingTheLog
    Jul 24, 10:21 PM
    eInk sounds interesting for B&W eBook readers and the like, less so if you want a Video iPod as well, at least at this stage.

    The One Laptop Per Child project is using a display that's full color but has a 1-bit mode that uses no or very little power when it's in its 'off mode'. I'm not sure what technology they're using but we do know that Steve Jobs and Nicholas Negroponte have talked last year when Jobs offered OSX for the olpc.

    But wind energy is, so one ipod versus piles of books, we could finally stop all this senseless logging.

    Good, we can burn those logs for electricity. Carbon net-neutral for a short period of time, unlike coal or oil.

    Engadget believes that Apple would also launch electronic book sales via iTunes as well to provide content for this new iPod functionality.

    Why would Apple go about doing all this work when Steve Jobs's friend Jeff Bezos has been spending the past several years scanning all of his inventory for the 'Look Inside' feature? And they cover just about every book on Earth. And they've been in the default Safari bookmarks for years. Etc.

    Ja Di ksw
    Sep 12, 02:12 PM
    From Coverflow's website:

    "We are pleased to announce that all CoverFlow technology and intellectual property was recently sold to Apple. It has been incorporated into the latest version of iTunes."

    Nice, thank you :). I liked Coverflow's application, glad they incorporated it. To be honest, though, I thought it looked better as the previous app . . . .

    Sep 6, 10:27 AM
    So, does anyone want to buy this option with their mac and I'll pay the $60 for both of them. Ok... $70 for your time and shipping. ;)

    Well, lets see where would they put it? Between Mac Mini and iMac.... you know in that $200 difference. Or maybe between iMac and Pro Mac.... in that what $300 difference. It seems like the Mac Mini bump and iMac expansion have left no room in the line-up for another Mac. Even with conroes... all speeds, sizes, prices are covered. There isn't room for a Conroe Mac. Period.

    They probably aren't even going to use Conroe chips because I bet its a lot more work to redesign the iMac to use Conroe and then set up another supply chain just for Conroe chips when they could just use Merom and Woodcrest solely, it seems to fulfill their line-up well and makes it simpler for logistics.

    I bet you a BT Might Mouse we won't see a Conroe Mac in the next 4 months.

    Spot on and intelligently put. ;)

    Jan 11, 04:55 PM
    My ultimate dream for AppleTV 2.0:

    Mar 11, 04:43 PM
    Safari 4.0.5 has just been released, so now we know MBPs ARE COMING!!! :D

    Chef Medeski
    Sep 6, 09:53 AM
    Yeah, you keep drinking that Kool-aid buddy. :p ;) :D

    Don't get me wrong, I think the new iMac is awesome. I currently use a G4 iMac myself. I'm just making a case for the Conroe minitower, that's all. ;) :cool:
    No I completely understand. I think it would be a good idea. I just don't see it happening from an Apple point of view.

    Love that Kool-aid.....:p