Friday, May 20, 2011

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  • AndroidfoLife
    Apr 15, 02:52 AM
    Can you rephrase that sentence? I have no clue what you just said (I suspect you meant sales rather than sells... sells = verb, sales = plural noun).

    And for some reason it is bugging me and I want to know what you meant, but I really can't parse your grammar there.

    Should the first part be "Their sales are not on that much"? and what is in those computers and what has that got to do with their sales not being on that much?

    As I said, I'm really completely confused by that sentence.

    Blame my English professor...I do. And M$ Word

    Asus produces 30% of consumer motherboards. Apple buys asus motherboards. Many apple PCs run ASUS hardware. So while ASUS doesn't sale the most completed PCs they get their product out their. And they currently have the best Completed PCs in terms of reliability.

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  • citizenzen
    Mar 29, 12:11 AM
    That is if America is under immediate threat ...

    I don't know about that. Check out #2 ...

    � 1543. Reporting requirement (

    (a) Written report; time of submission; circumstances necessitating submission; information reported

    In the absence of a declaration of war, in any case in which United States Armed Forces are introduced—

    (1) into hostilities or into situations where imminent involvement in hostilities is clearly indicated by the circumstances;

    (2) into the territory, airspace or waters of a foreign nation, while equipped for combat, except for deployments which relate solely to supply, replacement, repair, or training of such forces; or

    (3) in numbers which substantially enlarge United States Armed Forces equipped for combat already located in a foreign nation;

    the President shall submit within 48 hours to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and to the President pro tempore of the Senate a report, in writing, setting forth—

    (A) the circumstances necessitating the introduction of United States Armed Forces;

    (B) the constitutional and legislative authority under which such introduction took place; and

    (C) the estimated scope and duration of the hostilities or involvement.

    If the United States were under immediate threat, do you really think the president would have to write a report to congress "setting forth the circumstances necessitating the introduction of United States Armed Forces"?

    I think the War Powers Act reaches beyond there needing to be an immediate threat.

    But please, correct me if I am wrong.

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  • iTravis
    Mar 29, 01:24 PM
    This is exactly what many said in response to the article yesterday. Delay three months to get support for next gen networks (and who knows, maybe unify the ATT and verizon hardware). Despite all the hand wringing, it's hard to imagine many happy iPhone users would defect over a three month delay.

    Much better to get new features three months later than ship in summer without them and have to wait a whole extra year for them.

    Exactly this.

    I'll wait, hopefully our wait will be worth it though. If we could see LTE, a revamp of iOS 5 (specifically notifications) and a speed bump (dual processor) I will definitely hold onto my iPhone; for another 3 months with no issues!

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  • WeegieMac
    Apr 3, 12:43 PM
    Your wife said 'no'?

    You know, this is a question that I've been wanting to ask for a long time, and this is not directed only at you, but to all responses similar to yours I've seen on such topics. It's an honest question I have, because it just blows my mind:

    What the hell kind of relationship do you people have with your spouses?? I mean, seriously??! You need their explicit PERMISSION to buy something you want, with your money, and it gets to their point of people BEGGING their wives to let them buy something, only to be turned down?! How the hell do you get yourself into this kind of dynamic? The only plausible reason that a wife may be against it is if you guys are so short on cash, that $500 will break the account and drive you into poverty? And if this is the case, then you people should have a bit more responsibility than to beg your wives to let you buy something that you clearly can't afford. If you CAN afford it, and it is your $$, then why the hell do you even need to ask your wife in the 1st place, and what right does she have to refuse you? Do your wives make all the money? An iPad isn't a car or a house that needs to be a consensual and debated purchase. Your wife shouldn't have the ability (nor the desire) to stop you from buying one.

    This is honestly something that Id like an answer to. Some of you seem to have a 'child/parent' relationship, instead of husband/wife. If she's the breadwinner of the house, and you mooch of her, fine I'd understand. But if you bring in the $$? Sounds like a disturbing and cold relationship. Why does she get to dominate you and dictate your decisions, void of any debate or discussion?

    When you're married, it's a partnership, and it's no longer a case of "your money" and "her money", but a case of "OUR" money. Once responsibilities are out the way, then personal purchases can be looked at, but unless you're in a job where you have a LOT of disposable income far in excess of what's required to pay the mortgage and many bills, then yes it's only right you make sure you have the money to go out and buy a gadget which, most of the time, only you will use.

    I'm fortunate that my wife enjoys using technology, but I still wouldn't go out on payday and just buy a new gadget without at least letting her know I was doing it, and if I spend money on something, it's only fair she does the same ... which means for whatever you spend, you need to double it and again it's only after looking at bills and responsibilities that you can do so.

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  • Erasmus
    Aug 8, 04:46 AM


    No iMac Ultra!!!

    *cries again*


    Maybe tomorrow? Can only hope. They can't not update the iMac forever...

    BTW. I don't think many people expected the Mac Pro to be quite that awesome. FOUR slots that support graphics cards??? WOOHOO! And how many people doubted the quad 3Ghz? A lot, I know you're out there. Eight 30" screens??? That's INSANE!

    If this is what Apple bring out for their Mac Pro, my standards for iMac Ultra have now changed.
    30" HD screen, 2x SLI X1900's (do they make gig x19's? If they do, they'll be in it) and the 3.2 Ghz C2DE. The new Macbook Pro will surelly get a single x1900, and a 2.67 C2D. Maybe a 19" version? The former still less than 4G, the second less than 5G ($AU).

    Both with an overdrive function that overclocks both CPUs and GPUs by a factor of 2. After all, if this beast can dissipate 300W in just graphics cards, let alone 160W of CPU power, plus four high performance hard disks, power supply, etc, etc, etc, surelly my expectations aren't too high...

    Sounds reasonable to me after meeting the one true beast.

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  • Lacasse
    Jan 11, 05:22 PM
    Apple will become a cell phone provider. Period. That's it.

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  • Benjy91
    Mar 25, 01:07 PM
    After 10 years of "Feels Snappier" How snappy can Safari get? How long before Safari actually snaps in half when you move it?

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  • ModestPenguin
    Aug 2, 04:20 PM
    Dirty whiney windows users messing with our macs.

    Back off.

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  • mrgreen4242
    Aug 30, 09:35 AM
    Shrug, I kind of agree with the other poster - I'm more productive working on a Windows machine, as there are less distractions. When it comes to digital media, however, Apple's the way to go.

    I'm also to the point of getting a MacBook for my next computer so I can bring it to work... I am SO much more efficient on my Mac than on my work PC. It's mostly due to expose, spotlight, and the dashboard.

    I work with about 4 or 5 applications all day everyday, and with expose I can switch between them quicker and more accurately, allowing me to get a better work flow going. Spotlight should be obvious; I deal with roughly 200-250 database reports regularly, but I can never find the one I want. Same for emails (during my busy time of year it's about 20 a day I have to respond to, I'm down to 5 or so now, though). Dashboard is purely for slacking off - but I can do it faster and 'waste' less time checking my email, the top stories on digg, etc.

    If there was a slick docking station for the MacBook I'd have one (and two docks) for it already... I suppose the PITA connecting OS X to our domain server is also stopping me. And the fact that (I don't think) our database frontend has an OS X version ready just yet.

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  • totoum
    Apr 13, 05:52 PM
    Filmantopia, just because you can go to the auto store and buy $1000 worth of tools doesn't mean you can automatically repair a Mercedes Benz. You can buy wood, wiring and plumbing materials at Home Depot, but doesn't that mean you can build a functioning house that meets all building code standards.

    Likewise, owning a piece of software doesn't make you a professional. The tools may become less expensive, but the knowledge and experience requirements remain the same.

    I already said it above,I'll copy what I said:

    He put "professional" in quotes because he was being sarcastic,he meant that if someone is worried about the fact that more people can now operate a software because it's simpler to use/more affordable then they must not be a real pro because a real pro wouldn't worry about such things,they know that they have the creativity and experience that sets them appart.

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  • DewGuy1999
    Oct 26, 12:19 PM
    if they're not too pricey i might have to update, although they're gonna have to have more power than the II's, there's a piddly amount of wattage in the sub.

    Doesn't look like they're worth upgrading to from the SoundSticks II.

    Here's Harman Kardon page for them: SoundSticks III (

    and a couple of mentions on the web: Harman Kardon announces SoundSticks III ( Harmon Kardon Soundsticks III: minor update to design classics (

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  • milo
    Sep 12, 02:39 PM
    Can we get the new ones with the school promotion?

    Nope. You can read the PDF on the apple website for details.

    seems kinda sly to unload the old nanos on poor students.

    You're not suggesting we should feel sorry for someone getting a FREE nano, even if it's the previous model?

    While many people are looking for Apple to integrate a radio tuner into the iPod it isn't going to happen.

    They already have a radio tuner add-on if you really want one. Personally, the whole point of getting an iPod is so I can avoid radio.

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  • GregAndonian
    Apr 17, 12:58 AM
    Ahh, Geez... First they make a new Final Cut Pro out of iMovie, and now they're selling the iPad at Toys 'R' Us??? :eek:


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  • BRLawyer
    Mar 11, 04:24 PM
    Is it possible to discredit a rumors site?

    Roger that. :rolleyes:

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  • WildCowboy
    Aug 3, 02:39 PM
    And I'm still confused about whether or not the native Airport drivers are affected by this.

    They are (

    I stand by my own reporting, as according to Maynor and Ellch it remains a fact that the default Macbook drivers are indeed exploitable.

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  • oban14
    Apr 18, 06:44 PM
    No you would not. As there have been no more in the country. Its all good, I'm more than happy to wait. As per in my post 3-4 weeks stayed like that for 2 weeks, then 2-3 weeks stayed like that for 2 weeks into the 3rd week now.
    I'm sure Apple are doing their best and are likely under the pump due to a very large interest & Japan disasters.

    When they do come in, I'm sure there will be oodles of them around.

    You know how time works, right?

    You order March 1st. The wait time is 3-4 weeks. You check back March 15. The wait time is now 2-3 weeks (for orders placed March 15).

    You would have received yours on March 21s or ~April 1st depending on if it was 3-4 weeks away.

    It isn't like the person who ordered on March 1st is still waiting for their iPad. They received it weeks ago.

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  • *LTD*
    Apr 17, 12:04 PM
    Dude. You need to get out of the house and out from behind your iDevices.


    neither cast ye your pearls . . .

    That's the only advice I really need to follow around here.

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  • c-Row
    Sep 12, 03:34 PM
    iTunes now provides access to an "Album Artist" tag which should help keep those duets and other collaborations in line without having to declare them as compilations.

    :eek: Yes! Yes! Oh Yes! Baby! :D That's one of the things I would have killed for! Apple just saved someone else's life. :D

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  • jimN
    Nov 8, 07:58 AM
    So has anyone placed an order yet - the stores been up for at least 10 minutes? Just waiting for the "waiting for my macbook thread".

    Sep 22, 01:25 PM
    I don't shop at WalMart, and stories like this are the reason why. Sam's Club, screw them too. Last time I was in a WalMart, which was years ago, the vibe was just weird. I don't mean to offend anyone but it was trashy and cheap and I felt like some hillybilly standing at an intersection where I could buy a DVD player(by some company I never heard of) for $45, generic cheese puffs, fishing poles, or some crappy sandals.

    Aug 4, 10:04 AM
    Has anyone seen this yet?

    Sky Blue
    Sep 12, 03:31 PM
    One of the best application updates Apple has done in a long time.

    Great job Apple. Simply great.

    Agreed. iTunes 5 and 6 were a little 'meh' but I'm loving 7 so far.

    May 5, 03:15 AM
    Time for the headaches.

    I feel sorry for you. :( No one I know suffered from headaches from watching 3D movies.

    Having said that, I feel hesitant about this... I haven't been impressed especially by the sharpness that fake 3D can offer. Impression of depth is good enough for me, but the sharpness really sucks. 3D so far completely counters everything that we have worked for to get to HD movies in one blow. It's funny how modern 3D TV's have got to 1080p and all, and then backpedals from all that with blurry 3D movies.

    Mar 29, 12:10 AM
    Now the question is when will the line start forming for the keynote this year?

    Last year a few people were already standing in line the night before(I think around 9pm). My guess is if Steve is going to be part of the keynote this year people will be there even earlier.