Friday, May 20, 2011

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  • 0815
    Mar 29, 06:37 AM
    I would rather Apple do iPhone5 right then be pressured to release it at the typical release cycle.

    ++ 100% agree.

    No need to rush things out to fullfil some artificial release date because people 'expect' it to be released. Get it it right and release it when its ready. No need to rush out half baked stuff - that will only fire back.

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  • shawnce
    Aug 7, 11:41 PM
    I know we've overdosed on speculation recently, but the MacRumors live transcript from the keynote today contained the following line (from Steve I believe):

    10:24 am lots more announcements during the next week

    best to just wait and see...... They may not be public announcements but announcements made to developers at the conference under NDA.

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  • someguy
    Aug 29, 11:17 AM
    Yeah, only take that portion of my statement and :rolleyes: to it.:rolleyes:
    I had a response all typed up and decided your original statement says more than I ever could to support my side of the argument.

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  • ijakk
    Nov 7, 03:17 AM
    my 25cents~

    MB w/ C2D
    atleast 1gb ram
    alteast 80gig hd
    4x superdrive
    gma 950 with max memory support (224mb)

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  • SandynJosh
    Mar 28, 09:46 PM
    I'm going to be pissed if there's no new iPhone.

    However, I don't think Apple cares about me.

    Well, you have over two months to work yourself up into a full-scale snit.

    iOS 5 will be soooo good it will make the iPhone 4 feel like an iPhone 5.

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  • srf4real
    Mar 13, 09:59 PM

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  • tinydancer
    Aug 3, 02:39 PM
    when is leopard set to offically release? anyone know?

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  • McClown
    Nov 8, 05:55 AM
    UK Store has just gone to the update page :D

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  • aswitcher
    Jan 11, 05:22 PM
    ..hmm... as many of you know .mac has really been struggling in the past few months.


    Steve will announce an all new .mac service, with web based applications reserved solely for .mac members. Also a new feature will be the ability to store videos on your .mac which can be streamed to your iphone and AppleTV 2.


    These would be nice.

    Also direct machine to machine syncing, synching to iphone/touch would be very nice.

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  • Case-sensitive
    Nov 27, 12:07 PM
    Personally I see this as a big deal for a reason not many others have mentioned: bringing in the holdouts.

    The Beatles are the big one of course, but the others (Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, etc.) are still unsure about the whole digital music thing. If the biggest hold-out finally folds and goes for sale on-line, others will follow.

    (and yes, I'm not exactly sure if the Rolling Stones or Led Zepplin are "holdouts", but they're not on iTunes or anywhere else that I can see... surely there are others?)

    Add Frank Zappa to that list.

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  • Queso
    Sep 13, 01:43 PM
    I just bought one of the silver ones and I really like it. It feels just like a mini to touch and the packaging reminds me of the sort of boxes you got Times watches in. It's syncing up all my music as I type :)

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  • thegreatunknown
    Oct 16, 11:07 AM
    Nice quote on Engadget's website: "iWhore, therefore iPod."

    I voted Negative because we all know Steve is furious that Microsoft is releasing a wireless MP3 player before Apple. The iP$d needs some serious revamping.

    the zune isn't out yet...

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  • thereubster
    Nov 7, 06:28 AM
    I think Apple may at least consider putting an ATI x1400 in the top model (blackbook) but I'm afraid the Intel x3000 for Mobile chipset is not coming out until Santa Rosa. The desktop version is now available with the G965 but the mobile version is next year sorry. So its GMA950 till then or ATI x1400 if you are VERY lucky (or is there a Geforce Go 7300GS?, that would still be way better than the GMA950)

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  • ee99ee
    Sep 12, 01:56 PM
    Time to give it the ultimate seemless playback test, Pink Floyd "Dark Side Of The Moon":)

    Make sure you're smokin' a doobie while you're at it... haha :P


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  • pyrex
    Sep 13, 02:23 PM
    I would really like to see what the difference in size between the new nanos and old nanos is. if it really is 52% smaller, which doesn't look it from the picture, I will definitely consider picking one up. has anyone seen any side by side pictures of the new and old nano?

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  • shecky
    Jan 11, 04:34 PM
    for a designer with such a relationship with typefaces as yours you should know that Apple's usual font is Myriad Set and that this is in fact a version of Myriad Set, just the rarely used 'light' version

    see here for comparison:

    yeah, i do know :) . look at my post from page 2:

    it is, i believe Myriad Pro Light. i think banners are usually Myriad Pro semibold.

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  • citizenzen
    Mar 11, 10:57 AM
    The parties involved in these enterprises are typically very wealthy individuals or groups who support the government officials who keep the military maintained in good condition to enforce proper capitalism across international borders.


    So we're supposed to go broke maintaining a bloated military to protect corporate interests abroad?

    How insane is that?! :eek:

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  • Ugg
    Mar 30, 10:20 AM
    I'm not sure how serious all the offers that Qaddafi has reportedly received for asylum, but there does seem to be some effort to help him leave.

    I've also been thinking that the Arab League's support of the NFZ is probably in part because if all those EU and NATO planes are busy in Libya, they can't be flying over Yemen or Syria or any other troubled ME country.

    The problem with Libya is that Qaddafi has encouraged tribal rivalries on a large scale. Post Qaddafi, Libya could end up a factionalized nightmare.

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  • dagger55
    Mar 28, 08:50 PM
    Didn't have time to get the PO approved before it sold out.... really disappointed. anyone know if you can get on a wait list?

    Apr 11, 01:06 AM
    Are you being sarcastic ?

    Am I ever NOT? :D

    Cheeky buggers those Adobe guys.

    Nov 7, 07:56 AM
    agree - apple needs a thin and light 12" laptop or similar.

    Yea, but it will never happen. Read through the thread for my reasons why.

    Sep 16, 10:14 AM
    THe armour lock down now thats crap.
    Just like you said about the Jet Pack, the Armor Lock can be really great, but you have to use it correctly. If you are all by yourself, trying to use it in a 1v1 encounter, then no, you aren't using it correctly. Using it as a distraction while teammates flank people gawking at you, using its EMP effect to disable vehicles, or using it to survive heavy weapon fire? That is correct.

    May 5, 02:02 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; de-de) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    isnt it obvs. u wont have to download the entire OS again and only rather the updates. lets say iOS 5 is nearly an GB which u still install with itunes. bug fixes etc could be very well be under 5mb

    Mar 10, 05:04 AM
    Here's one more. Having grown up there, I'm quite familiar with the place as well. I should see it as a challenge but the familiarity makes it a difficult place for me to photograph. (

    I like the black and white, it works well with the reflections. I know what you mean about the familiarity making it hard to tackle the subject matter, since I live about 20 miles north of Newport. Sometimes I have to just challenge myself to try to see it with a fresh eye, since it's a bit hard to travel at the moment due to current obligations beyond my control...
    Ironically, I was just looking at your food shots on FB before I visited this page, didn't make the connection that you were the same person until I noticed your watermark here. Nice. They made me hungry. :)