Friday, April 1, 2011


what a crazy week it has been! whew! i'm so glad it's over.  there were really really horrible
things that happened and really really fun things that happened.  
but here we are at another friday, and another gratitude list!

here's what i'm thankful for:
* surviving the horribleness of the week.
* hanging out with all sorts of friends {including one from out of town - hollah david!}
* the gorgeous, hot, sunny weather that has come to LA.
* all the fun food we made at our friends' house when the food truck festival was too crowded {mac n cheese, grilled cheese, & garlic fries... because we're grown ups and can eat whatever we want}.
* finding a couple more awesome paid internships and getting my applications submitted {positive thoughts everyone}.
* my amazing friend tatiana who let the mister, chloe cat, & i hang at her house while
mass genocide of termites was taking place at our's.
* roaming around the fashion district with my friend maranatha {who is the most creative gal i know!}, and getting a private showing of the vintage shop that provides the wardrobe to mad men.

and yesterday a lot of you said you knew people who's birthdays were on april fool's day.  well i do too!
a very merry birthday to my dear friend devon - rock climber,
swing dancer, & organist extraordinaire!
{what a handsome devil!!  devon, on the left, with another one of my adorable friends kelli, at my wedding.}

what are you thankful for this week?