Tuesday, April 26, 2011

easter memories

on saturday i was telling the mister all about how my big sister and mom would have elaborate easter hunts with hardboiled eggs, chocolate, & other fun stuff when i was a little girl.  one year my big sister made giant rabbit footprints out of bright colored paper and laid them all over the house, leading into the bushes out back.  she tried to convince me that the easter bunny had hidden things for me before my sister woke up and scared him away.  as a little girl i was determined not to be had, so i refused to believe that the easter bunny existed.  still, that was one of my favorite easter memories, and as an adult i've always appreciated all the creativity she put into that story.  it was such a cool idea! {did i ever tell you that jenny? it's true, you were such an awesome big sister!}.  

the easter adventures ended sometime when i was around 9 or 10, when i was a little too old to justify copious amounts of candy for absolutely no reason.  i hadn't reminisced those memories in many years, so you can imagine how special and sweet it was when i began finding little reese's chocolate eggs hidden all over our house come easter sunday!  it was so adorable of the mister to do that for me, even after i acted totally annoyed at him for forgetting to pick up ice cream sandwiches from the store.
thanks dear, you're the best!

other fun things about easter this year included the daffodils the mister brought me {my favorite!},
a dance party to favorite music from the early 2000's {remember dido and the bravery?},
and a wine date with friends late into the evening hours.

a lovely easter indeed!

ps - the railroad revival concert was awesome! i'll tell you all about it tomorrow.