Tuesday, March 8, 2011


sometimes you go a little silly in your freezing cold apartment when you're job hunting for hours on end and you have to do a little dance in your long underwear and smart wool socks to stay warm.

sometimes you get this crazy idea and say it out loud, only to discover that your designer/builder husband has decided to make that crazy idea a reality.  such was the case with needing another room for our tiny apartment.  this pile of wood will soon be our cabana which we will use as an office, lounge area, and a guest bedroom.  have i mentioned how handy-dandy the mister is?

sometimes chloe cat LOVES her little pot of wheat grass so much that she falls asleep in/on it. 

sometimes you have to get a little dolled up and head out to a fancy neighborhood eatery on a sunday night.  which is precisely what we did this weekend when we met up with our dear friends at lamill coffee {an uber hip coffee shop in silverlake} for desserts and warm drinks.  and sometimes, when you're on your way out to said coffee shop, the friendly neighbor kitty interrupts your photoshoot.

how was your weekend?