Thursday, March 17, 2011

bloggers day of silence

you may be seeing a lot of these posts around blogland today, and i hope you take a minute to consider joining in yourself.  the gals over at ever ours and utterly engaged have organized a fundraiser and blogger day of silence which will take place tomorrow, march 18th.

there are two parts to this fundraiser. 

1. the first being the actual raising of money.  all donations to for japan with love will be sent to shelterbox, an organization which distributes boxes containing a tent, blankets, water purification equipment, water storage, cooking supplies, a tool kit, and an activity kit for kids.  i really love that any small or large amount of money you can spare will go to something tangible, something you know will be amazingly helpful for a real family who has lost their home, loved ones, and way of life.  it's so easy for me to think that i'm too poor to give, but i've decided to skip the meal & coffee i was going to have out at a restaurant today so i can donate. it's amazing what you can do if you're willing to give up a comfort or two.

2. the second part is participating in the day of silence.  in memory of the tragic events in japan, i will not be posting anything on my blog tomorrow.  instead i will be loving the people around me and donating what i can to for japan with love.

 i do hope you'll join me, and dozens of other bloggers, in the blogger day of silence tomorrow, and in the effort to raise awareness of the positive ways you can help.