Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thoughts on The Green Hornet

-Yeah, I saw it. I needed some quality time with my motherfucking mother, what of it?

-You know.

-Jay Chou's grasp of English is purely theoretical.

-And yet, he is rather adorable, and I'm impressed with his character. Instead of being some Mystic Asian Dragon Warrior, he's as close to a multifaceted character as this movie will get. You still wonder why the fuck he's chilling with fucking Rogan, but he's just as prone to jealousy, stupidity, and horniness as any other idiot in the movie. He's got some backstory (very little, but...), he's somewhat mystefied at his own Mad Skillz as Rogan ('s Britt Reid), he gets pissy and is not infallible and his and Rogan's buddy-ness, as chemistryless as it is, is still kind of sweet. He's not a caricature, is what I'm saying.

-Rogan does his stoner thing, which I get wearier with everyday.

-One, maybe two, scenes of Gondry-ness. This, my friends, is a travesty.

-They kill dudes with the reckless abandon of a heavily eviscerated script. Seemingly average dudes would freak the fuck out at having just killed a gaggle of guys, right?

-This has killed Inglourious Basterds for me, guys. Christoph Waltz, what are you doing?

-Fuck off, Cameron Diaz.

-More. Tom. Wilkinson.

-Da Franco!