Friday, January 21, 2011


So I'm up a pound.

This does not come as a total shock. I wrenched by back (performing the complicated and dangerous 'standing up' maneuver) early this week so I missed a couple of days of exercise, and last weekend I had friends over, we ordered Chinese, then on Sunday I had a friend over and we cooked up my flank steak and had some drinks. I didn't keep a rigid count of calories on those days, but I'll bet it was pretty bad.

So now I'm back on the Biggest Loser Ultimate Challenge horse, as it were. I think I should up the difficulty from 'Light' to 'Medium', but it being a computer program, it can't recognize some things. For instance, one exercise is to do a wiiiiiide lunge left and the kick your right leg straight out. Well, I have never been able to kick my leg out to the 75 or so degree angle that Bob the Trainer does on the program. At best, I can go maybe 30 before my hamstrings start screaming at me. It's frustrating, then, when the game keeps flashing 'Kick higher!' at me over and over. There are others where I think the limitations of the new-technology Kinect just refuse to let it see that I am actually in the right position.

I admit that I haven't been doing well with the exercising, even before the back spasm. I guess the only thing I can do, though, is to keep at it. I've heard that the first solid week is the toughest, and after that it gets more like a routine. I hope that's true.

Anyway, I have another idea, which may turn out to be another stinker, but I'll charge blindly into it anyway: there's a little counter there that tells me how many calories I burn in that exercise session. However many that is, that's how big my dinner will be. If I always work out right before dinner, which I think will be a good time, it will be like getting dinner for free. Plus, it will discourage me from eating out.

I also went shopping again today. I'm ramping up the bananas, eggs, and croutons, all of which I ate a lot of as a kid but haven't so much recently. Croutons are an especially rich recent find: in lowfat chicken somethingorother soup, they make a nice, big(ish) meal that's not actually very high on the calorie-o-meter.

That's about it for now. This week was not stellar, but I'm not done yet.

P.S. I got 12 responses to my last post - all vague, robotic form letters from 'Delhi Escorts', 'Bangalore Escorts', 'Hyderabad Escorts', and other escort spammers representing most major Indian cities. Lovely. No thanks. Anyway, I made it so you need to have some sort of logon to post a remark now. Sure, it's a pain, but any of you who might someday feel the urge to remark can blame the south Asian escort industry. Finks.