Friday, January 21, 2011

So, in case you didn't know or nothing...

I am quite the fangirl. Of pretty much anything I watch. For instance, right now my one and only love is Criminal Minds.

Yeah, it's one of those shows.

(Thank Sister for the impressive captioning skillz. Webpage Design class has taught her much.)

It's a show about a bunch of people who hunt serial killers using facial ticks and magic. It used to star Mandy Patinkin, but then he got all pussy ass and left in favor of trains. He was replaced by the dude who voiced Fat Tony on the Simpsons.

This man solves crimes.

And it has the chick from The Virgin Suicides and the chick from, I don't know, Huff, and the guy from that soap opera (see above), and some chick I've never seen anywhere else, and, of course, Matthew Gray Gubler. He was in (500) Days of Summer, but more importantly, here he plays the woobiest character I've ever seen. Ever.

Just thought I'd share.