Friday, January 21, 2011


it's funny how quickly the thought "i'm having such a great week!" can turn into "ugh, what a shitty week!" isn't it?  up until wednesday, things were going okay.  we had relaxing moments, fun moments, and pleasant moments.  but come thursday and one very large frustration sort of made all these other areas of life we've been trying to hold together unravel.  on wednesday our computer crashed.  we told ourselves it was just a hiccup and assumed things would work out just fine.  but an entire 24 hours went by, all the while trying desperately to revive our computer, but to no avail.

it sort of went like this:
wednesday afternoon: Ack! what just happened to the computer?!
wednesday night: hmm... we'll get this worked out... right?... yeah.... probably...sure!...
thursday morning: why isn't anything we're doing working?!
later thursday morning: *$%#@ computer!! and why don't we have jobs? we desperately need jobs!
thursday afternoon: [nervous laughter] computer? are you in there? no? ... why me?  why God? WHYYYYY?!
thursday night: [stifling tears] okay... let's just calm down. no need to panic. we can fix it... once we get jobs and have the money to pay a nerd herder.  but we don't have jobs.  we've been looking for jobs for months and Nothing!  the house is dirty!  there may or may not be a God!  poverty!  our lives might be ruined!  droughts!  bad knees!  what am i going to do with my life?! where am i headed in my journey?!  papercuts!  kill shelters!  heart disease!

sadly, it's still not working.  we both have laptops, but a large number of extremely important documents are on that computer, including the one and only contract job that the mister has going right now.  i guess these are the weeks to celebrate those good things that happened and allow them to help us survive the ,... well, let's just say more challenging aspects of the week.


i'm thankful for...

* portlandia - funniest thing i've seen in a long time!
* rum
* quality time with friends.
* amanda palmer's hilarious/awesome song & video all about how we ladies have a choice. preach it! 
* our sweet neighbor kitty who sleeps in our sun and warms our hearts.
* good solid alone time.
* the ridiculously creative blog how about orange.
* live music.
* the mr. landing an interview {it was a HUGE blessing that he got it in the first place. we'll have to wait a couple weeks before we hear anything, so keep your fingers crossed!}.
* these super cute mugs on not your average ordinary.
* the amazing red blood oranges from our neighborhood farmer's market.
* good hearty laughter, plus all the reasons we had to laugh.
* yet another fun music video from she & him.

there, that's better.

what are you thankful for this week?

ps - if anyone lives in the LA area, are completely awesome with computers, and love to rescue things for free, please let me know. we'll cook for you and sing you a song.  i'll even make you a superhero cape if that's a deciding factor.