Monday, January 24, 2011

good deeds ~ card drops!

YOU are truly Amazing!

YOU are so ridiculously Talented!!

YOU are a Unique and Precious person!!!


all of this is completely true. and how would you feel if you were roaming through a book store and happened upon one of these little messages?  or what if you stepped up to a treadmill at the gym, full of guilt from your winter feasting, and found one?  that would be pretty great right?!  at the very least, it might make you smile, and at most, you might even embrace the sentiment and finally celebrate all of your awesomeness!

 that's the hope of a couple bloggers' guerilla kindness programs:

it's such a simple, but beautiful, good deed that you can do anytime, anywhere!
  all you have to do is leave these positive messages in public places for random people {or one special person in need of an important reminder} to find.  it can be as basic as "you are beautiful!" scrolled on a post it note, or as fancy as a printed card with an elaborate design.  you can even print out positive statement cards from a huge selection of uplifting printables on kind over matter's freebies section, and drop them off wherever you go.  it would be your own trail of love!

go check out those sites, leave your own positive messages out in the world, and submit your card drop photos to operation beautiful and/or kind over matter as a way to inspire others to spread the love.  it's only through you {yes YOU!} that these awesome good deeds gain momentum and make an impact on the world. plus, just think of how special someone is going to feel when they find your message!

and remember...
you are so incredibly, absolutely, 100% Wonderful!!