Thursday, January 27, 2011

the dress that got away

one of the best gifts i got for christmas was a gift card to ruche from the in-laws.  so far i've gotten two cute dresses and i have a wee bit of money left.  it seems like i search every day for new arrivals, but i somehow missed this one:

it hurts how badly i want this dress, but when i finally discovered its existence, it had already sold out! i was shocked, horrified, i ran out into the dark and stormy night, falling to the ground, fists raised toward the heavens, shouting "WHYYYY?!!!  i keep thinking about this dress, alternating between "it would have been perfect!" and "stupid dress... it probably wouldn't have fit anyway."  it's so hard when you never know.  this is my "could have been" dress, the one that got away.  so i sit here, staring at this pretty little number, imagining a montage of all the wonderful experiences we would have enjoyed together if things had been different - the walks in the park, the picnics, the visits to the record store, the sharing of a single ice cream cone... alas!

in other fashion-related news, my beautiful friend tatiana, the wardrobe designer, posted a video about scott schuman, the man behind the sartorialist.  it's so inspirational!  i highly recommend you check it out, even if it's just to see what scott schuman looks like.  you know, just in case you find yourself in new york, paris, or milan someday and a random guy asks to take your picture.  :)