Tuesday, January 11, 2011

art shows & poetry readings {my weekend}

this weekend was a pretty full one with all sorts of free artsy fun that sort of just happened.  don't you love when life works out that way?  it's like hiring Fate as your personal secretary.  

friday night a few of us headed out to a gallery opening at gallery 1988 to see "is this thing on?," an artistic tribute to the best comedians of our time.  there were SO many great pieces! the exhibit will be there until saturday, january 29, if you live in the area.  if not, you can check out the prints and original artwork on their website.  there were so many beautiful, hilarious, talented pieces, but my absolute favorite was probably this one {although it was a close running with these flight of the conchord plushies}:

conando suave:
{artwork by ken garduno}

on saturday night, we had a friend who was in a poetry reading downtown at art share LA.  there were so many great poets, much better than the small-time coffee shop poetry readings i've been to in the past. some of the poetry made me want to dance with the words, some of the poetry seemed to paint beautiful images in the air above the poet, and other poetry was just plain laugh-out-loud hilarious.  

this was the friend we went to hear:

after the poetry reading we headed over to a house party and got to know a bunch of new friends.  it's funny how i seem to stay out much later since living in los angeles.  i tend to think 10 pm makes such a great bed time, but over the past few months i've been out so much later on so many nights.  i guess this city will do that to you.

also, i may or may not have worn this same outfit to both events. but hey, it was with completely different people on each night. don't judge.

{sweater: h&m, jeans: urban outfitters, boots: target, pocket watch necklace: lunashineshine, leather feather earrings: crooked sister.}

how was your weekend?