Sunday, January 23, 2011

#39: Badmaash Company

It is a travesty in Bollywood that con movies are a rarity in Bollywood. For India as a nation has a treasure trove of scams and scamsters. One cursory look at the stories of some good con movies will tell you that a good movie in this genre's got to have 3 essential elements. A guy desperate enough to want to con, the mechanics of the con itself and the fallout or the success of the scam. Badmaash Company got the first element right, came about halfway to gettting the second right and completely bungled up on the third.

The key perpetrator is Karan (Shahid Kapoor) who figures out a way to smuggle goods from abroad, avoid import duties and eventually sell them for cheaper prices. His partners-in-crime are Zing (Chang), Chandu(Vir Das) and Bulbul (Anushka Sharma). Just when they were building this premise, you realize that good things start happening too easily, too soon for these four characters. The amount of money that the guys make in the first 30 minutes of the movie which spans not more a month is something that in real life people would take a lifetime. An interesting scheme to make money with shoes is quickly repeated with gloves with no new twist. The story then belabors towards melodrama between an arrogant Karan's fallout with his friends and his eventual redemption. The screenplay after the first half is an excruciating experience for the viewers. Not to mention the numerous flaws for a movie that's shown to be set in 1994. So much so that it doesn't take more than a glance to notice that Anushka's costumes could very well have come off a 2010 Malini Ramani Summer Collection.

Three of the four characters nevertheless perform well. The chemistry between Anushka and Shahid in the making out scenes are worth a watch for it's raw form. Vir Das does himself credit as the aspiring but simple Chandu. Chang though needs to join some acting classes soon. The peppy music on the other hand is a relief in between.

Badmaash Company begins well, slithers towards mediocrity and eventually ends up in an abyss. It's saving grace, inspite of the loopholes, is actually the first half. Towards the second half you might just be left pulling your hair out.

Rating: 4.9/10