Monday, December 6, 2010

Went to see Machete

December 5, 2010. R and I went to see Machete (Robert Rodriguez & Ethan Maniquis, 2010). Another postmodern masterpiece by the great Rodriguez. I worship the guy. Talk about doing things with genre cinema, my God. The whole thing brings me such joy: the gory bits, the 1970s references, the political elements, the pace, the cinematography... Michelle Rodriguez is absolutely perfect, as only she can be (butch and sexy, a sort of anti-Angelina Jolie in many ways). I love the way Rodriguez chose to use Lindsay Lohan. Lilo comes to the movie complete with filmography and biography. Funny metaleptic intrusion of sordid elements of the ongoing diegesis that her life as fuckep-up child star constitutes in the Machete diegesis -- which metaleptically dialogues with products like Planet Terror. Danny Trejo finally has a real, long, good first-rate role: he is so worth it. Don Johnson and Robert DeNiro deliver, Jessica Alba is the only one on shaky ground, but I'm tempted to say Rodriguez wanted that slightly weird effect, notably when she's haranging the crowd. Indispensable cinema, while you wait for the next Tarantino.