Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thoughts on True Grit

-You know.

-I love the voice/accent Hailee Steinfeld has on.

-She, this girl, still a child, still somewhat naive, but, at the very least, the best negotiater ever committed to screens.

-I hope she plays Katniss in the Hunger Games movie. There.

-Barry Pepper gets a pretty good supporting role as leader of the gang Josh Brolin's Tom Chaney is currently with, a vicious outlaw who is nonetheless quite noble.

-Jeff Bridges growls out his lines in the sauciest manner possible. Matt Damon is a half noble, half bitchy Texas Ranger. Josh Brolin puts on a stupid act, but when nobody's around, he's a nasty fuck.

-In a way, this might be the first movie where the Coens leave out all the quirks and spin a straight Western. Not as epic as the trailers would have you believe, and the last act felt anticlimatic, or incomplete.

-Fuck the Oscars, this is the best soundtrack of the year. That isn't all the other ones. Top 10, anyway.

-Terribly sorry that my content as of late has been kind of shitty. There's no more inspiration, man.