Saturday, December 11, 2010

Here we start #1 - Julie and Julia

So I am back tonight to write. Maybe this is a start to some discipline to begin with.

In recent times, I haven't seen a movie as special, as fresh and as endearing as Julie and Julia. Recommended by Viggy as the most delightful movie she'd ever seen, it often peeped at me from the shelves of Clixflix but somehow I stayed away from it. And then one day I just felt like picking it up. The next 2 hours actually turned out to be the most delightful time I've ever had watching a movie. Movies evoke different kind of emotions but this movie through and through is all about how far one would go to fulfill a passion.

Meryl Streep is so above everybody else, they should make a Statue of Streep ala Liberty in every little province in the world. Amy Adams does her part incredibly well. I'll some day write about this other movie in which Adams and Streep act together Doubt which in itself was a fantastic movie. And then there's the ever reliable Stanley Tucci. During the director Nora Ephron's commentary on the DVD she also mentions how Meryl Streep actually insisted that no one else other than Tucci should play this part. In short everything about the movie is perfect - even the tagline that I think is one of the best taglines ever - Passion. Ambition. Butter.

After the movie, I checked out Julie's famous blog, Julia Child's videos, read up on the real Julie Powell and what not. That's what a great movie will always do to you as a viewer, make you dig deep about the background of the movie.

And sometimes a greater movie will also inspire you to replicate what you see in the movie in real life and that's what I'm trying to do with this attempt of one review every day. Let's see how far we go !

Overall Rating: 9.05/10