Wednesday, December 1, 2010

gifted magazine

happy december everyone!
to kick off the month i figured i would share one of my favorite holiday finds. i was so excited the other day to discover that one of my favorite blogs for d.i.y. inspiration, creature comforts, has put out a free, online, holiday themed magazine!

there are so many great treasures inside ~ gift ideas, interviews with some great bloggers, decorating how-to's, gift wrap ideas, free downloads, recipes, and loads of pretty pictures.

{i'm thinking of trying this idea for our wreath ~ so easy and cute, plus i have more twisty ties than i know what to do with. perfect!}

i have poured through it probably a dozen times now. there's just so much to love about it!
so go ahead, grab some hot cocoa, and head over to gifted magazine for some holiday delights!