Wednesday, November 10, 2010

warm & cozy

i am loving these cooler days! it's the perfect opportunity to let my hair down and wear my tights, boots, and scarves. by the by, these boots get constant compliments everywhere i go, and they were only $35 from target!! proof that you don't need to spend much to look cute.

the other day we went to the grove for the first time since moving to los angeles, where i got my anthropologie fix. isn't it an amazing experience just to step foot in that store? it's magical! but of course, while i was there, i found plenty of things i begged dannon for {that store is so dangerous!}.

i especially love these warm and cozy wraps, which would be perfect to wear around the house this winter.

sometimes i have elaborate daydreams about anthropologie. like maybe one day the back of my closet will open into a mystical anthropologie store where all the salespeople know my name and want to give me free clothes. or that one day i'll get hired to be a walking advertisement where they give me an unlimited wardrobe just to wear out in public.

seriously anthropologie, i am here for you!