Friday, September 24, 2010

Thoughts on Storytelling

-Two unrelated stories--"Fiction" in which Selma Blair plays a student in a creative writing class, taught by an intimidating black writer (Robert Wisdom), and the much longer "Non-Fiction", where Mark Webber (you know, that guy from Scott Pilgrim is a disaffected teen with vague dreams of having a talk show, a shoe salesman who wants to make a documentary about him and his family (rather grotesque parents John Goodman and Julie Hagerty, obnoxiously awful fifth-grader Jonathan Osser, and relatively normal middle child Noah Fleiss)--share common themes of what makes something fictional.

-Many layers of the question, that I won't get into right now.

-I won't lie: much of the metaness in this movie comes off as Solondz beating his critics to the punch, both as a ploy to come off as self-aware and an attempt to write off his own shock-value (especially evidenced in the first segment).

-This depressed me. I can't go on.